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Another Friday.

So we had to do an essay see, for English and I chose to write about ‘An incident that made me cry’.

I thought I had a lot of idea at first, but clearly I did not. In fact, as I thought I might write something with ease, I later found myself struggling, out of words. I hate writing essays really. I hate to do something that I love as a ‘duty’ Like for this case, to write an essay to be submitted today. And I am at the most uninspiring state of my life now. Am currently working on my messy timetable with new commitments popping out, and I just haaaad to settle with this English essay of mine. I ended up writing crap around 3AM this morning, but obviously nothing to do with this video, that actually made me cry the most.

I am very emotional with Gardner’s character, and I think Will Smith pulls it off very well. Gardner reminds me a lot of The Father and his hardships, and I thought how unthoughtful I am as a daughter to him.

Enough of that for now loves, and get your fingers clicking on the ‘play’ icon.

And yes, everyone have to watch this movie. No question about that.

On a totally different note, I had an amazing Friday today, but more on that later, yes?


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