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OK here’s a confession: I cheated on my own detox diet for day three. I am to attend/host a dinner event, where they served pasta and garlic bread and potato wedges and some long-ish sausages and chocolate cake. And the only thing acceptable for my detox diet is, of course, the leafy salads. With no dressing of course.

But um, I kinda ate the other foods also.


But what I did not eat was the icky looking sausages. I hate sausages. It tasted fake. It always does.

So tomorrow will be day four for moi, and I gotta do major cleansing, fellas!

Anyway, Eyharara‘s detox diary below, and I gotta say, I am so embarrassed by my own behaviour, as this girl is soooo committed with ‘cleansing’ her body. She made me feel soo…..beyond guilty for what I ate today.


Hello readers!

Day two, everyone! DAY TWO!!! The below are the deeds.




I had oats for breakfast.

 And you know what, I am starting to love it now. It tasted unexpectedly yummy! (lols, weird much?)



I hade a little bit of rice, some silk tofu and a bunch of mixed veg.

In a wierd way, I am proud of myself because I can now go on a heavy meal without consuming beef or chicken. And I was (surprisingly) still full till evening comes.



Oats crunchy munchies.


Tuna and tomatoes.

Since I’ve already bought a can of tuna and I never had the intention to waste it, hence I had this for dinner anyways. Firstly, I felt like I was a cat or something, swallowing down chunks of tuna in my mouth. So the genius I am (no pun intended), I decided to add some tomatoes, and indeed, it tasted way nicer.



Muesli biscuits

Felt kinda hungry around 1130PM, and muesli was the only healthiest thing I could think of during that time.


So here’s the story: I was on the phone with my sister and she was telling me that she is going to have chocolate cake. And my breath stops. Suddenly my taste buds was longing for chocolate cake. The texture of the cake as I sinks my teeth onto it, moist, spongy and definitely chocalate-y. And those giddy endorphins, excited to make me happy later. But as I stepped back into reality (and start to think rationally), I decided that a piece of cake can only provide me with temporary happiness, as as soon as I swallowed down the cake, it will somehow end up in my tummy or thighs as STUBBORN FAT.


Me and my sister.

Thank God my heart is all out for this detox diet. Those images of having a healthy body haunts me every time I felt like giving up, and that’s what drives me.






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