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This was brought to you by the letter H.

Yesterday evening had been tremendously glorious for both Eyha and I on so many levels. Besides learning that there’s no McDonalds in the Pavillion, we also got the chance to … Continue reading

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Allow me to tease you gently.

The fashion bitch is back, baby. I know you missed her.

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Cats and dogs.

Just a brief update, to prove that I’m not dead or missing. Pretty much alive, I am. Face it. I’m trying (to pretend) to stay busy lately. Started off the … Continue reading

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Just close your eyes and make believe.

It is so hard for me to sleep nowadays. Its fascinating how work and other commitments can choke you up and you can’t even afford to be gentle and kind … Continue reading

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It’s the clock that needs some beating.

I have no patience, you must know that.  It’s depressing to wait. I hate waiting to relive my life again. I’m itching to enjoy the rest of my so-called break. So … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Things

Sometimes you just don’t want to be touched. Sometimes you just don’t want to be told. Sometimes you just had to blush. Sometimes you may think that you are growing … Continue reading

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It just went like that.

I don’t know. I just don’t know. I am obviously nowhere a devoted Echelon. But Beautiful Lie was (and forever will be) my teenage anthem. Or maybe I am just … Continue reading

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Je suis stupide.

Maybe I’m just that stupid kid who never went to Europe before, who wishfully thinks that on-flight letters are sweet like that. I guess I am stupid and I am … Continue reading

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My tears won’t dry.

I will continue to live in your fantastic music for the rest of my life, Amy.  

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Not a good day today (or yesterday), but worth mortalizing.

Starting off with a not-so awesome news from my peers that totally jacked up the plans I had in mind for some upcoming shit I am working on. Also, knowing … Continue reading

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