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Another Friday: Part Dos

Because I hadn’t done much blogging this week, so I just had to blog things that are about to slip from my mind now, and this is a continuation from this previous post. So last Friday, as I thought I might be starting on my .secret project., which was postponed, The Roomate, Eyharara, and my two lovely girlfriends Mila and Iffah went to KL City, and do some shopping. Or in other words, they shopped for stuff, and I shopped for um food? That day marked me and Eyharara’s final day of our Detox Diet, so um we kinda indulged our way?

So we went to New York’s celebrated designer Zang Toi‘s cafe and had his famous warm chocolate banana cake, and clearly, it was divine. It was really the best thing ever. It is like eating Eaton Mess, but hundred times sexier and obviously more sophisticated.

Pardon me, apparently busy with the fugly cellphone of mine, but still very excited to eat the cake nonetheless (refer to the hand of mine, gripping the silver spoon)

We (as in Mila and moi), had a share of tiny cream puffs too, and it was the  kind that will make you dream about it forever. It’s, it’s, (I really don’t know how to put this into words)..delicious, to say the least. It is so delicious you will want to bite it in tiny bits and chew it slower that you usually chew. And was fighting with your own beast whether to buy another bag of cream puffs or not. This is totally labeled: LOVE IT!™

* And by the way, notice how annoying I am to start putting that ( ™ ) sign for my random expression of words? Well, it is all about the .secret project. I am currently (and slowly) working on.

So more about last Friday. We practically dashed in an out from mall to mall when it was raining heavily outside (YAY), and although I think I was complaining a bit too much about us walking (man I hate walking), I did enjoyed my last Friday. Not sure what’s gonna happen during this Friday (which is tomorrow by the way. Wait, its 12.38 AM already?!…Ok today.) because I had so much in mind and there’s just too much work to do and limited time to complete it. I hate to use the term busy, because I am certainly not, as I am spending time (lots of time) thinking shit to write here (or more like I am pretending not to be busy, maybe?).

Oh, we had a test last Wednesday, and I blew it off. Badly. It took away the daylight in me, metaphorically.


Though it felt like New York, it is really KL City. Oh, the joy~


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