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Loving LETO.

CURRENTLY JUGGLING: dry Law stuff, panda eyes, my curly roots that are making a comeback ( and I am pretending that  it is not), over with the Detox Diet and up with occasional fasting days, more on my growing curly hair, overstuffed Organizer, idiotic computer battery, not watching American Idol live as I am stuck here, The Sister’s 8th birthday, a secret project, hosting more events, organizing a rushed post-party of the following event, holding back my cravings of vanilla cupcakes and my growing affection (or obsession?) towards….HOLD IT..HOLD IT…





Oh, I’m sorry. (I really am- cue fake tone) FOR LETTING YOU SEE HIS EFFING HOT BODY THAT IS. Can’t help it, really.  If only guys at my street walks around half-naked like him. Sigh. Now this image people, is the very first image I saw from some tabloid and I was in awe with his um, (how to say this in a non-pervertive way??Sigh.) delicious beautiful body. And I was like ‘Who the hell is this dude?!’ And he was, of course, Jared Leto. And few years later, I learned that he had a band called 30 Seconds To Mars, and they made epic songs and I was so in love with their live performances and from then on I knew he is such an awesome being. No scratch that, he is a BREATHTAKING human being.

And he is a vegetarian, which is oh-so-sexy. (Ok fine, irrelevant point, but how many rockstars you know are eating healthily?) And probably that explains why he looks so delicious young when he is actually turning like what, 38 this year?

I saw this rad performance during the MTV Latino event on MTV, and, and, and HE IS SO GODDAMN HOT. And music-wise, such an awesome performance. Now which rockstar wore a fedora hat and aviators and paired it with a chic scarf around his neck? Hello? Anyone? Right. Nobody.

And yes, he has amazing pipes there.

Not to forget, an impressive video clips to match. Like this one, entitled From Yesterday, they shot it in China, somewhere at the Forbidden City (or was it at Forbidden City?) AAAANYWAY,  his blue eyes are just too striking, to say the least.

Besides being a musician, he is also an actor, and honestly, I never watched any of his movies and I deserved to get punched immediately, I think. Nevertheless, he is a terrific actor, so to speak, based on these two trailers below. First up is a trailer of his latest movie Mr. Nobody and the second is a movie based on the man who killed dear John Lennon (played by him of course), entitled Chapter 27.



Now, don’t bother to read the rest of this post if you do not have the slightest intention to press play the two vids above. I AM NOT KIDDING. He even looked somewhat appealing in Chapter 27 in various twisted ways. Well, enough of me babbling about this delicious talented man. So can I see a show of hands, who’s with me to hop on the Love Leto wagon????

Ok I get it.



4 comments on “Loving LETO.

  1. miminn
    March 12, 2010

    *raising hand* me! me! 😀

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  3. laura
    June 29, 2010

    i loove jared leto.. ❤ he's so hot!

  4. Hope
    June 29, 2010

    Rising up all four limbs!!

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