my random musings, now in words.

Cats and dogs.

Just a brief update, to prove that I’m not dead or missing.

Pretty much alive, I am. Face it.

I’m trying (to pretend) to stay busy lately. Started off the new semester orienting  the juniors (major drama, beeteedoubleyou but I like it that way, thanks.) then proceed with a new production (six shows this time, more on that later too) and some secretarial shenanigans I have to deal with in between. Somewhere around that I got to see my future husband play on stage and oh yeah, let the idea of being in the 3rd year of law school to sink in. Like really sink in. ( By the way, law school still sounds so epic to me, mind you. Scary. Law School. Woah. Not funny at all.)

So how long has it been?

So I’m on a break now for a bit, trying to figure out what should I do to kill time, though there are, very obviously issues that I have to deal with later, like tidying up my lecture notes and start concentrating on my Project Paper yada yada. I’m turning twenty1 like in, three days? Yeah. Big deal? Not quite, but whatever. I really wanted a princess cake though. Aaaand my new diet consists of green tea and peanut butter and this thing called Tronky (which reminds me of a lamer version of Kinder,but whatever. Got it for free.)

Anyway, since I’m a lame person myself, I guess I’ll shoo myself at the corner of my room and pretend that twenty1 is just a number. (majorrrrrr) This should be life-changing and sorts but I’ll reflect my past twenty years in another entry. And yes, its raining again! How utterly romantic. Till then!

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