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Forgettin’ everything for a bit.

My Wednesday was fun (fine, in a normal term I guess). Ditched my noon+evening classes, had a walk alone in the evening, had a waffle I was craving, watched American Idol on Youtube, rode a motorbike for the first time since I have two digits in my age number in the middle of the night and end the day with a chat with a sweet friend of mine in Canterbury. Sometimes it is fun to forget everything and everyone in your life and start choosing, ya digg? I learned that it is okay to choose to do the things you really want and choose the way on how you lead your life and ultimately, it is okay to choose the right people to be in your life.  It is okay when you hair is not at its glorious state no more. It is okay that you don’t have the normal grasp of fashion sense no more. It is okay if you discovered that your new jeans is  a bit baggy on the sides because you’ve been losing weight without even noticing. It is okay to forget about detoxing and play along with what you crave. It is okay to not care about other people when you know it is a mutual thing, ya digg? It is okay to not speak to a friend about the things you normally talk about once because you see, people change. And at the moment, I’ve sorta changed.  If you ain’t talkin to me, I ain’t talkin to you. I aspire to become Anna Wintour and that is what she usually does. So yeah.


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This entry was posted on March 3, 2011 by in MY CONCERNS.

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