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What are we living for?

Ultimately, for God. To follow what should be followed. My winter escapade to Hong Kong got me thinking. So what else? What’s your purpose in life? You ain’t gettin’ any fella to hit you up with that sick attitude. What are you living for? To live your dreams? Well, are you certain with your dreams then? Have you gave a deep thought on how to thoroughly execute it? Girl, you know it’s gon’ be hard. You know it. So now understand it. People will be so hard on you, as if you are the only particular grain of black pepper to be grind left. I;s crazy. What are you living for? Striving for fame? Or for your own pleasure? What pleasures you then? What is stopping you from embracing the talents you are blessed with? Is it the laze? Is it the thought that they are people out there who are way better than ya? Girl, they might have all the Pradas and Proenzas but you have your take for the pen and the passion. Like really.You can’t help but to think that why you should give a fuck on these kind of shit. But you know this right; you are in control of your own goddamned destiny. Girl, you ain’t gonna grow old with a pathetic job, looking out of the window tirelessly and regretting on the things that you should’ve done now. Them asses who think you’re crazy can eat their asses up when they see you succeed. No succesful stories come without em. They are a part of the package, girl. Trust me. Dream on and make it work.


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This entry was posted on February 8, 2011 by in Other Fascinations.

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