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If we could only be Quicker.

Man, I love this girl.

So anyway, on a totally random note, I watched American Idol and J.Lo was like ‘Believe in your destiny!’ Right on, sister. I think J.Lo  is a good subject to talk about. I mean, she’s super hot and all that, but people keep on bashing on how ‘untalented’ she is with her music ventures and her acting ventures. I, on the other hand, has massive respect for her (she doesn’t come up with an autobiography yet, has she?) She, at least, has the talent to make loads of money, you agree? I suppose I’ve watched her THS Special over a dozen times, and kept on thinking that no matter how pretty you are, you gotta work hard to get what you want no matter how you do it.  She started off from being a dancer-and a once trained dancer myself, you really need to have the mad skills to push you up. And look what she is made up of now; an actress, a singer, an entrepeneur and yes, a judge on American Idol. So what she said on yesterday’s episode got me thinking. I really need to focus on what I want. Everything else comes in second. You know, I am a total freebies nut, so whenever there’s a competition, I’m gonna be the one eager to win it. Mainly because I can’t afford such things, and probably because I am pathetic like that. So anyway, I was so focused to win those freebies, and I always always get it in the end. This only mean one thing; FOCUS.


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This entry was posted on February 4, 2011 by in Imma Art Freak, Other Fascinations, The Beats.

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