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This was brought to you by the letter H.

Yesterday evening had been tremendously glorious for both Eyha and I on so many levels. Besides learning that there’s no McDonalds in the Pavillion, we also got the chance to play with Hermès scarves and pretend that we are Mary-Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller; and feeling the moment when the RM2300 silk scarves touch our skins, and also pretending that we are not amused with Hermès macaroons that are shoved in front of our face when ultimately, we wished we could grab the whole lot and snucked it in our gift bags.  It was rather humbling to be invited to the J’aime mon carrè event by Hermès, to be surrounded by all these posh people who can actually afford those scarves and to inhale the oxygen in a posh store. It is pretty much a big deal to me, because you know, nothing drives me better than fashion. I worked my brains off to impress those people with the talent that I am given by God and I am very grateful for being invited to this event. It will never be just another event for moi. Oh yeah, putting that aside, did I told you how hard it is for me to accept my blossoming derrière? I can’t believe it had been my top dilemma for a month now, since I turned 2wenty! Oh, and also,  did I mentioned the part that I almost gag when I ate this raw salmon springroll during the event? Thank God I am a trained actress, or else those gross bits of salmon must’ve been all over the Hermès scarves and no one will be friends with me anymore. Boo.


One comment on “This was brought to you by the letter H.

  1. Farhanah Diman
    February 8, 2011

    So lucky to be able to go to the event! 🙂

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