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How did we get here? : Part Two

Carrot cake and cream cheese topping? Check. White tea? Check. Craig David on speaker? Check. Now let’s talk fashion, baby. Here’s a shot of me (correction: a horrendous looking me) and the fabue Nik Erwan Roseli after the show.


Pardon my awkward pose. I was in a very high spirit, to meet him again, after helping him with the skirt he made, not to mention, I think my left ear had become deaf due to the blaring music during the show. So anyways, let’s really talk fashion, shall we?

For a person who grows up being heavily influenced by the label Balenciaga, the above is his definition of  street couture. His colour palette this time is not as bold as his previous collections, but oh my, would ya squint your eyes a little bit more, and tell me what you see? Yes! Intricate details on fabric! You can’t get any better than that! The above are plain fabrics used, but adorned with intricate abstract details made up of acrylic paint, and best of all, everything are all hand-made! Yes, made by the creative hands of designer himself! Just look at the effort he put in all of the above. Amazing innit?  On the left, the ruffled purple and gold cocktail dress (tres Lanvin, if you must), was worn by his muse of the moment, Deanna Yusoff. She’s an actress, singer, and gourmet food entrepreneur all rolled into one glowing-skin, perfectly skinny and well-groomed woman. And oh, the second look from left? Very Kraton inspired, me thinks. Love the gold, totally!

Behold, my favourite piece from the collection;

The reason why I favour this piece the most is because his vision for this collection is well-executed in this piece alone. It really does embodies the whole street couture look his going for. The simplicity of the cut, paired with the complex details on it, which emphasised on the silhouette of the person wearing it. Its divine, I tell you. Notice the middle image? I snapped that one up right after it was complete that night when I was at the workplace. There it was hanging alone, trying to tell me to come closer, so I can admire it from close. It was so perfect, this dress. The color! The simplistic tailoring! Très  talentueux!

And finally,

Remember the tale of the three musketeers I told you about? Well, this was what they end up doing! Look at the skirt! Look at the skirt! In 30 years time, I know I’ll be telling this to my grandchildren, who’ll obviously be wearing some posh Gucci Baby cashmere onesie, thinking how gracious their grandmother’s teenage life was.  Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank the designer for having me at his workplace the other night. It was the best thing that had ever happened to me since I turned a new leaf. Thank you, and keep on rocking! My nose will be following you!


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