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How did we get here?

I’m trying to pen down exactly what happened for the past 48 hours of my life, but my pathetic words obviously won’t do any justice. But I have pictures though, and Imma insert a few tiny bits of words to accompany it, hmm? Imma tell you a tale of three musketeers, having a great dinner one night, and end up being in the same room with two designers and helping the two of them with all their might, niffy fingers and all. 

Upon reaching the show room/work place of Hatta Dolmat, we were astonished (or at least, I was) with the amount of people working on the garments, the number of needles scattered on the floor, the sequins! the fabrics! the tulle! Oh my.

So the least normal musketeer, see, musketeer .M., she was so fascinated with what’s before her, thinking that this is so much of a fashionable take on the seven dwarfs; minions working on the tailoring and all that, and literally breathing in fashion. Mon Dieu!  And out of the blue, Nik Erwan, went chiming in, wondering whether the three musketeers would like to help him with the skirt he is making.

And musketter .M. thought someone just hit her with a Birkin, thus making her deaf, because she really can’t belive what’s she hearing.

‘Is this for real?’ musketeer M thought to herself. She is still in disbelief as she piped down acrylic paint on the Thai silk fabric, reminding herself to gain full control of all her muscles, so that the skirt’s abstract designs will look fine, and not sabotaged. So controling her muscles, she did. But of course! All work and no play makes the musketters such dull humanoids, thus, the occasional cam-whoring.


So the three of them had fun making abstracts on the skirt, and remembered the tale of Cinderella who has to say goodbye to her beautiful things by midnight. Musketeer .M. was just thankful that this beautiful thing she is fated to be in will never come to an end, as there’s no annoying fairy godmother is in charged for this. There she was, with her fellow musketeers, slaving for fashion through the night.


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