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4 days to Twenty

I wish I could go back to the days when I am 4.

I will be singing on the bed, and the parents will think its funny and adorable. If I do it now, it’s a whole new story all together. I wish I have the guts to tell my mum how much I wanted to pursue arts, rather than doing this shit.I also wish my dad will be working again. So we can afford life a bit more properly, and I won’t have to envy my friends who gets customized LV’s and white Blackberrys for their 20th. I wish I could get an Iphone for my 20th. It’ll really helps me with my music, you know. But my parent’s won’t know I’m making music anyway. I guess having this wish is not worth it. (and so I think) I suppose it leaves me no choice but to work on it, as it seems like nobody is gonna help (or give)  things I want. Some people in the world gets what they wanted, but some have to work for it to get it. Maybe I’m the latter. On a different note, if only we were like how we were back then,  I won’t be having this fucked guilt for not behaving like a proper law student who dugs her face in law books all day. Gosh, I wish I could just have another life, and see how it goes.

It’s nice, innit, living the good life?


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This entry was posted on October 24, 2010 by in MY CONCERNS.

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