my random musings, now in words.

16 days to Twenty

I need to learn how to be patient,  fast.

Because I can’t

I wish I could grow up faster, so that I can know what’s gonna happen to me in 5 years time. I wish the exams will past through soon so I can look forward and prep for my winter holiday. I wish I could come back early from the holiday so I can proceed working at BodyShop so I can at least, say to myself that I am not broke. I wish November could come faster, so that I can get into Uniqlo’s new store and buy myself a new white shirt . I wish next Tuesday  can come faster so that I can watch Paramore live together with The Bestfriend (obviously looking forward to hang with The Bestfriend, less of Paramore , please) And I want to finish up my assignments so that I can let myself rest mentally for a bit to celebrate my 20th (alone, or whatever) and then I can properly think of what to buy for myself as to remember my 20 years of living. Oh there’s bloody much to do, and so little time. Oh and not to mention that my old laptop drama is killing me. If only I have enough cash in the bank, that old lappy of mine would be history. Mark my words.

Also, I am sometimes a selfish person.

That’s new.


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This entry was posted on October 12, 2010 by in MY CONCERNS.

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