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18 days to Twenty.


Big deal, no?

Yeah. Whatever.

I can’t believe I’m turning Twenty in line, 18 fuckin days? Boy that was fast. Just as I reminice those glory days of being 8teen, now I’m facing Twenty already. Darn it. What have I been doing for the past 9teen major years? I’m not quite sure myself. I’ve done lots. But was there any satisfaction? (Booyah, suddenly I remember this patetic song I composed with a fella titiled ‘Satisfaction’ ages ago. Oh the joy! ) Anyway, as I’ve said, I’ve done lots. Okay, a few. Let’s put it at that for now. My acting thing? Yeah it was… okay. But it should’ve been better if I ditch my lawshit at the first place. Oh well.

The Bestfriend turned Twenty yesterday. Which was a totally a ZOMGG moment. I mean really? Look how far we went! We are merely almost a year away to become 21 ! (have no idea why I’m stating this. Just because.) Anyhoo, I’ve noticed that as I get older, I tend to want bigger things, and I tend to want it without patience, most of the times. And I tend to prioritize stuff that I’m not supposed to. ( The Mother said this a billion times, I just couldn’t figure out why. It’s not like I’ve been chain-smokin or something.) 

On a different note, I still love doing what I love (tho secretly- and this excludes reading the law. pfft). I’m still learning music, which challenges my patience. HI MUSIC SHEETS! HI JOEY B! HI REPLAYED SETS NO. 4! I’m glad I’m getting old for this reason. I like it because as I age, my picky ears have been painfully trained to classify what’s rubbish and not, musically. So yeah.

It’s The Brits list again this week. Totally into Coco Sumner and Florence!


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