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Today morning last year, I was in the car, waiting for The Father to be done with The Sister’s academic meeting. I was on my way to work, and I had to wake up bright and early, feeling no less than excited for a new day at work. And so I tuned on to the radio, as I wait for them. And MJ blasted out. I can’t remember what song it was. But all I can remember is that I was surprised because another song of his played after the one I heard first. Back to back. And the first thing that came to this idiotic mind of mine is that MJ might be coming here. For his This Is It Tour, perhaps. Because they did the same when Gwen came. And so I kept on having that idea, after the radio DJ started talking and finally unveiling the answer to my curiosity. And God knows how stunned I was. It was such an unbelievable fact for me to digest at that particular moment of time. Nobody really see it coming, right? And there it was. The fateful day came to its presence, shocking legions of human beings.

And I had people around me whose reaction about this overwhelms me. I must admit, I am obviously a fan of him music, and in full agreement that he is such a rare gem. But I am nowhere as fanatic. Not the kind who’ll go out the door and shout to the sky and say ‘thanks-a-lot-for-taking-away-the-daylights-out-of-me’. No. I just felt empty. Not the dramatic ‘I-am-empty-and-I’ll-go-on-for-a-hunger-stike’ kind of empty. I was just in a condition of disbelief. And I am still in this state till today. I can’t believe that it had been a full year since the day he left the world. And ironically, The Father had to attend The Sister’s academic meeting earlier today. It just felt weird.

And somehow, I was reminded on how fast I’ve gone through with life for the past 365 days. I’ve completed my first year. I survived after facing the finals last semester. I’ve scored myself my first job as a fashion correspondent. I got to be in a movie. I let loose of myself as an actress on stage. I’ve done this and that, and in between, I decided to start with this blog. Like randomly start writing shit online. And never looked back. These past few months were phenomenal.

I’ve  gained a pristine, new world.  Without doubt, the pinnacle of this year’s events was the creation of “The Blog of Randomness”.  Never in life have I had such a sufficient creative outlet. I may write shitty at times (or probably most of the times) but I am satisfied with it. And sometimes felt the hug of relief by doing so. And don’t let me start on how all of you lovelies had given me a new degree of insight by visiting your respective blogs. It felt like I’ve become a part of an astonishing society, ya know? And of course,- even if it had been only eleven month growing this one right here, -for that inclusion, I am forever grateful.

And for many other unexplainable reasons (I am sure by now you have a firm understanding on how idiotic I am to describe things), Imma do one thing and one thing only. Imma bury this. The term ‘this‘ in this context refers to this blog. The very blog I started working on since last August. I’ll be on a pilgrimage of literary bravura, towards the unknown future, within the realm of unending potentiality, upon which my expression will be explosively expressed.  I am going walkabout, into nature, into nurture. I’ll see what I can bring back for you. It might be tomorrow, it might be many weeks. I will explode back before you know it. And I promise you that with;


I won’t be far. But I will be deep. An end to this and the birth to that. See you.


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