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Lesson Learned So Far

So I watched Changeling today, and I cried. Cried for Christine Collin’s character. Cried for that boy who had to witness/ was forced to kill Christine Collin’s son together with this crazy child murderer. And cried for the beauty of the whole movie itself.

Anyway, work was fine. I really wanted to go to work with the below though, as my eyes are beyond panda eyes. Hmm.

If only.

Here’s what I learned so far:

  • My sleeping hours are lacking. So it got me a bit more hormonal. A bit more bitchier. And of course, a bit more irrelevant.
  • I keep on forgetting where I put my things at, probably (for obvious reasons) due to Lesson 1 of the above.
  • I’ve been spatting swear words up to the point that I don’t know who I am anymore. It’s severe. I can’t control my anger and I am slowly hurting myself, not to mention the others. I’ve evolved into something that I am not.
  • I still strongly dislike kids/infants/children. And I refuse to elaborate further. Its TMTH. Oh God please bless me with patience.
  • Real friends understood the reality. And though it sounds surreal, they do know more about you than you do. More than any (of my own) family members do. They believe in you, however ‘crazy’ or ‘sick’ your dream is. Bcuz one day when you finally achieve your dream and proved them wrong, you’ll reminisce those moments when you cried your heart out  at the back of the car  while still keeping it cool (as the onlookers from the other cars of the highway gave you disgusted looks because of your snoty face), even though you are shattered inside. When those ‘supposedly important‘ peeps are against you. And you’ll be happy and glad because you underwent those dark moments of your life with them and it felt like a blessing just to have them in your life. In short, I do take friendships very seriously. It’s for life.

So with that loves, I’m penning off. (eh is there any such word? penning off? ) Early start tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading this shit. I just felt like immortalizing the above, for the sake of well, immortalizing my thoughts. Goodnight.


One comment on “Lesson Learned So Far

  1. Liyana
    June 5, 2010

    .M. BOLEH!!!

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