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The below is nowhere intended to be considered as an exclamation of frustration or anger by the writer. It’s a fair comment, and a personal opinion of the writer.

Makin’ this brief and simple. I am tremendously shocked, first and foremost, when I was informed ages ago that the Government of France had decided that wearing a ‘hijab’ is illegal. And two days back, I read on the newspaper that a Muslim student in France is denied to perform his/her prayers during school hours. Without even considering any aspects of it. Without even questioning how important it is for a Muslim. It definitely saddens me, on how illiterate people are with Islam. My religion. I mean, I get it, if you don’t know what Islam exactly is, but you have no rights to randomly stop us from doing things that we are obliged to do as told by our God. I studied various civilizations in Uni, and the various religions in our world, and one of the many positive qualities embraced in all of these religion is the element of respect. And I see nothin’. I may pretend to be ignorant and fazed myself watching cheesy comedy and MTV, but because it is regarding my religion, the same people who embraced the same belief like how I did, and knowing that they are selfless somewhere out there because of some law ( in which the basis of it all is really vague.). Their discreditable conduct of doing such things hurt me, not just because I think that it is unfair, but also because I see it as the ultimate selfish law ever made. Though I may doze of during lectures at times, what I learned about law so far is that it gotta be justified. Upheld justice. Without prejudice. It burns my heart ya know, knowing that how many people are against my religion. I am scared at times. Confused, often. And I just read somewhere today, that a ship carrying tons of people intending to help the Palestinians was seized by the Israelis. Goodness, what is happening to this world? Why people are so self-centered? Why are they so absurdly selfish?

Somehow I felt grateful for  just typing this, here and now.

Dear God, I sensed that the world is almost coming to an end. Almost. And I am scared.


One comment on “Absurd

  1. fizah abu bakar
    June 4, 2010

    .M.,bwat fb jomm!!!u have lots of fans u know??!!!!

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