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Yo she’s back.

Man, this is soulful to the max.

Imma huge fan of Christina. When she came up with Back to Basics, I thought that she really did  find her niche. She works on her vocals so far better in comparison to her previous record. The way she plays with the deep lyrics are intoxicating. It felt like the moment her beautiful voice came out, the time freezes. Everyone’s eyes are glued to her. She has this strong persona that makes a person suffers from inability to take her away from their eyesight. That’s how powerful she is. She commands for attention, and obviously she received it. And then Bionic took off, appearing like some sexed up version of Stripped. Don’t let me get started on her first debut single. To me, it spells ‘TMTH’. With respect to Christina, she may be well on her way into her many ‘changing’ phases. Like a re-invention. Like Madonna. Like Aerosmith, circa the 80s. A bit like Mariah, after the release of  The Emancipation of Mimi five years back. It was a nice surprise though I kind of missed the old Mariah, the one who sings nice ballads.  But what’s for sure, Christina will remain her absolute best with this kind of genre. The kind with soul. The kind that makes jaws drop.


One comment on “Yo she’s back.

  1. najwa
    June 2, 2010

    seriously i miss Christina as well..and seeing her on American Idol Final Result Show last week really bring her back 2 who she is..well dats wat i think dat is wat i want her 2 b..soulful as well..she doesnt need 2 re-invent herself or sexed up her image..4 me shes already hot minus da big hair, da DIRTYYY image dat she was so into years thankful dat she found her way back..but dunno Y suddenly she wants 2 do someting like GAGA for the BIONIC album..both of them are totally in different genre..well dats wat i one can compete with GAGA as she is sooo in her own league..however CHRISTINA will always remain special in her own way if she stick to R&B soul..well dats a piece of my mind abt CHRISTINA..

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