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So the moment finally came to me.

Oh wow. WOW WOW. Finally a post that is intentionally written out of love, and certainly not out of boredom, frustration or unnecessary emotions that used to darken my days.  So where should I start then, hmm? For once, my exciting and [insert positive adjective here] first year in law school had ended. Not the stress part though. I’ll be washed out anyway once I’ll start my second year. But generally the so-called ‘innocent’ and equally immature and pathetic days of being a freshman is over baby, oo-vahh.

As of now, I am still working on a (note the absence of my pretty annoying trademark mark) secret project which demands more time, considering that I’ve started part-time working in this mall where the speakers in the toilets blares funky  90’s European dance hits. The kind where you’ll go ‘Is this some f_ing damn toilet or what??’ Yeah, that kind. Remarkable, no? On top of that, I have huge monetary issues in which I had to find a huge-er amount of money to fund this big event I am apart of. Terribly excited about it, but equally horrified of the mass rejection that I’ll about to face and the breakdowns I visioned I’ll go through.

So today at work, I scored myself my first copy of Ten Magazine at the bargain spot at the usual shop that sells all mags and newspapers. Was also pleasantly surprised when I saw Numéro Magazine tucked in between old editions of OK!s. It was a a very tense debate you know between Olga ( the big spender side of mine) and Jane (the economical side of mine) while I was squatting and looking at both magazines back and forth. (And yeah, I should find a much more interesting and cool name for both of my psychological sides. I know that.) There’s Ten Magazine and Numèro and then there’s a backdated UK Harper’s Bazaar and there’s Claudia Schiffer on the front and they had on their yearly best beauty product list and I freaked out a little about that and  there’s the 2009 awesomeness in it and and ….

…And so I bought it, along with this:

Fetching cover, I know.

This magazine is published only four times a year, and I happened to own the Autumn 2009 edition and it is blooooody amazing. Like it literally bleeds with awesomeness. The fonts used, the different kinds of type art they used in this, it just felt so hip and chic. (And by now you should know that these two words are not exactly like peaches and cream). It explodes with such shocking fashion spreads and fabulous fabulous fashion articles (like really in a thousand years, just who wants to know what goes behind the Chanel Cruise fashion show? Just who ever cared about what Antonio Berardi will ask Azzedine Alaia during tea time? Oh yes, you.) I better get in contact with my babes in London to ship me the future edition!! It is amazing really, this pieces of art and fancy journalism, all 262 pages of it, into a magazine that I got for only RM12. God. must .really. love. me. Like really.


3 comments on “So the moment finally came to me.

  1. Adwina Noh
    May 12, 2010

    Hey, congrats for finally made it through ur 1st year 😉 Bet it was one hell of a Anyways, I’m damn curious bout ur secret little trademark thing doll. Must be an awesome thing u r working on. Good luck for it. I so have to check the mag u r raving about. Sounds damn yummy. Btw, come and visit my tumblr. I decided to stop using blogspot just because I’m And sorry for buzzing here, but can u let me knw ur e-mail coz we need to work on JKO stuff. Hope to hear frm u soon. U take care x

  2. Mazrin Shazlina
    May 28, 2010

    .M.! Olga and Jane? U gotta be kidding me! I think I should have one too! HAHA.
    Hey friend. lama gila tak dgr cerita. Where have u been. I don’t have your number. Plus, u don’t own a facebook account? Mcm mana nak stay in touch?

    send in your number to my email pls? TQ!

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