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Lesbian Lover.

.This is Coco Sumner  from I Blame Coco.

I do not know who or what to be blamed for this. It’s either my raging hormones or some kind of shit that messes with my mind due to the lack of sleep or too much of reading law without remembering anything for the next day’s exam or maybe because finally my selective pair of ears are into rusty indie Brit rock, hmm? I am never the kind who jammed into that kind of genre (with exception to both: The Five O’clock Heroes and Babyshambles.), but when I discovered her , I was like ‘Whoa, why didn’t I see you coming?!’ Coco Sumner is a slashie (musician/model/actor) and if people start asking me who is my girl crush, I’ll probably say her. DONT F_ING ASK ME WHY.

This is not for those who thinks that only guys can rock the guitar and be soulful and looked totally cool at the same time.

Her voice, at the moment, is constantly blaring loudly from my already shitty speakers from my already lousy laptop. Her low voice reminds me of her father Sting for a split second, but I don’t know, she is brilliant and unfathomably cool being her anyway. If you like the above, maybe you’ll like the studio version of it as well. As for me, I am off for some arteries blocking pizza with tons of processed meat on top. Goodnight.


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This entry was posted on April 28, 2010 by in The Beats.

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