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Shouldn’t blog bout this.

Current State: supposedly undergoing the typical last-minute ‘squeezing facts in my mind’ method. But decided to take a break for a mo, and check out the net and found a few fascinating stuff, and thought it is worthy to blog about it. Also, intentionally forgetting that her first heavy law paper is up at 3pm, and she really have to blend all her paper notes and drink it up as a last resort.

Hello everyone.

If I have all the mighty time in the world, I would type more about this video but ya know, some people I know are giving me chills with their hard work in studying for the law paper I am about to take at 3pm today, so I gotta make this short. (or ya know, I should at least blog about this after my paper, but I am scared I’ll forget about it hmm.)

Watching Stevie Nicks makes me wish that:

  • I am 7teen again. (or younger) (or hipper)
  • A rock star in the mighty 80’s
  • Have my hair as big as the lead guitarist again. (whoa desperate for big hair much?)

You know honestly, I am scared. Scared that I’ll have a mental block or something at 3pm. I’ve never been this slothy since 2005. Geez. And you know what I am doing now besides typing this? Watching LiLo singing the same damn thing which scares me a little more. (So now everyone thinks somehow or rather, they are rock stars too?)  And also, the idea whether Bieber has other hand gestures/dance routines/swagger moves besides the touch my heart/touch my chest thing. Okay I am shutting my computer now. See you in 2057. Beep.



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