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The issue now here, see.

I found this on the net, and you know, it kinda connects to me in a way;

I have people around me who thinks I am a sourpuss. The kind that will never curl a smile unless necessary. It was, to a certain extent, true. Truth is, I never gave much thought on my facial expressions until two years ago when a close friend of mine mentioned about how easy for her to see whether I like something or likewise. You know, I don’t wanna spend my 30 minutes typing this shit for nothing. I want my explanations to pierce your little minds and make a permanent hole in it, so read up. (If you feel like it, anyway)

First off, I do not see the concrete reason behind why people around me are making such fuss on my facial expressions. Saying that I looked ‘cold’ all the time, and giving a ‘cold shoulder’ at certain times and being plain ‘unapproachable’. What is wrong with all of you?! Do you think I even care about that?! Do I even ask for any advices?! F___  no, so shut up.

.This was an involuntary facial expression, not a smile  as many of you may think.

Why, may I ask, out of a bajillion things to worry and wonder in this life, you haaaad to mention about my f___ing facial expressions?  About why I do not ooze warmth when being approached? I do not care if you care about me so much, because clearly, you just do not know who I am anyway, so don’t try to advice me to smile like some toothpaste advertisement all the f____ time. I am not saying that I am kind at heart, because I am not. I probably would bash somebody’s face rather than sulk on my own if I find somebody doing shit in my life. The case is, raising this shit is the stupidest issue I ever heard of out of my 19 years of life.

Anna Wintour rarely smiles in public (and got the nickname Ice Queen after that), and people talked about it, but does she care? F___ no. Victoria Beckham prefers to pout rather than smile, but why does she still have legions of people wishing to be like her? Hmm? And models on the cover of Vogue, do they smile? Hell no. (Ok rarely, but still) Understand this: I (sometimes) am not a believer of ‘first impressions’. What if I look ‘cold’ and ‘sour’ and you decided not to talk to me? Well that is your f____ing loss.

So please, do not ever remind me of smiling ever again. I will do it sincerely and naturally. You don’t have to remind me of that. I do not need you to remind me of that. I am against giving fake smiles to people and I hope for some respect regarding this matter. Unless you are a 6 foot tall, genetically blessed guitarist who loves hip-hop and reggaeton and Italian food and plans to make me your wife,  I am not worth your time, so go find other shitty things to talk about, yes?


2 comments on “The issue now here, see.

  1. ec
    April 11, 2010

    last week i went camping. a boy keeps on asking if i was ok just because i didnt smile. i feel like punching him on his smiley face.

  2. faizso
    April 14, 2010

    love u kakak! no matter what they say!

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