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There’s too much shit in my mind, it is getting ridiclous.


HOW’S STUDIES? HOW’S FASHION WEEK? HOW’S YOUR GRANDMA? HOW’S THE NEW SHAPE ISSUE OF VOGUE? HOW’S THE LATEST COFFEE IN STARBUCKS? HOW’S SUSAN BOYLE’S BIRTHDAY WENT? HOW’S YOUR SOCIAL LIFE GOING ON? I don’t fucking care. I don’t have time to care. I have shitloads of stuff to do, and tons of books to read, and finals are in 20 days, and I am barely breathing from fear and and my words are getting more pathetic than it is already is, and I gotta find RM$50K before December and I do not know how and I suck at typing my probs and I do not know how to cure that either.

It’s blazing hot outside, and I think I just lost my appetite a second ago. There’s so much stuff to do, and so little time, and I felt like slapping myself hard so I’ll faint (or something like that) and I don’t have to wake up again. There’s too much anger, too much stress, too much fear, too much emotions to bear with. And listening to E-40 and Bjork in full blast did not help either. And this is sooo not normal.

I am cranky today and pretty much retarded. I may no longer write any entries here until this shit subsides, and I will not (if ever) think about anything relating to fashion and what not, till my final ends. It is sad, as in sad sad because you just had to decide which things in life to concentrate on, and you have this sick nature of being indecisive but once you decide on something, it’ll haunt you. It’s not something I put much thoughts on really, but I just had to. Because the finals are getting closer, and God I am dying to be buried with my books, and I just had to ya know, become a student. The Finals is everybody’s problem. And I mean it in the most sincere, reverent way possible.

So readers, allow me to fuck off from my own blog for a bit. And get your mind right, not in a perverted way. This, imperatively, is a signal to show my angry dismissal.


One comment on “There’s too much shit in my mind, it is getting ridiclous.

  1. faizso
    April 5, 2010

    chillax sista…
    you can do it…
    stay focus n all the best for our season finale k…
    see u next season!

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