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Snots, blots and what nots.

I think the craziest thing about having a blog, and actually having people who reads your blog (aka readers), is that there will be the slight pressure to update your blog (not because you have three readers a day and suddenly you felt like a celebrity of somesort) even with the tiniest things that occurred to you in a particular day. Even if you are deemed to be the most boring-est (most boring-est?! oh who am I kidding with grammar shiz) person to breathe in this world. Even if you have snot running down your nose and little buggies flying around your hostel room like those scene in animated movies where tiny people with wings flying happily (what was it called now? Are they still called fairies?), you still think and feel that you just had to write it down here.

Well, I am supposed to complete my tutorial assignments and all that, but being the lazy bum that I am, I took the opportunity of free Wi-fi to blog instead. Obvz this week had come off pretty hectic (definitely not hectic per se), but somehow I find myself breathing still, so I guess there will be a point of time when I will actually get the hang of being a (lazy) law student (who will freak out at the very last minute) at this Uni. Finals are in what, five weeks? And I am still, what, BLOGGING?

I was tidying up the files in the computer of mine, and found these ;

The above are two cards that I made for my lovelies, (respectively arranged in order) Kerty Kert and F.Randeran who blossomed into two beautiful twenty year olds last February. (yeah, it had been that long. Better get used to me, posting old stuff.) Well, obvzly the one on top was inspired by an Iphone (If you can tell. Eh. Non?) and the bottom was a cartoon I came up with, wearing a deep purple Lanvin cocktail dress. And notice the tangerine McQueen heels I pathetically drew to pair with the dress? That is exactly what I want F.Randeran to wear in ten years time. A fabulous career woman.

Anyway, I am off to bed now, after briefly thinking that there is no point of completing my tutorials tonight as it is bloody hot and I am certain that I am sweating more that I thought I can. What is up with the world lately? And let see if I can sleep tonight, for that matter. On the same note, I am excited for the event that I longed for quite a while, which is going to Tokio Hotel’s concert this coming May. Say what? Finals in five weeks? Pfft. Tokio Hotel is coming in six weeks time. Take that .M. Find your way to inner peace, and make sure studies come first.


Yeah right.


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