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Deeds on Detox.

So LawNite was finally over, and I am glad/sad/happy/frustrated/joyous about it.

It’s been ages since the last time I wore a pair of painful heels and dancing with them. My foot were ugly to even be in a photograph, but this was how I look after the night ends.

My make-up was done by my girl Qila, who drove all the way to the hotel, and caked me up in an instant upon her arrival. Thank you honeyh, and I’m sorry for freaking out during the time you traced the eyeliner. Can’t help it!

Anyway, LawNite was okay to say the least. Hosting was tougher than I thought it would be. I mean seriously, I’ve done hosting events many times, but never this dramatic. And by that I mean last-minute schedule changes and microphone dramas. And they had Chinese food during the night, but I just managed to shoved in some steamed fish in my mouth before I had to go onstage again. Man, Chinese food.

On the same note, my girl Eyharara and I are on a detox diet. Yeah yeah, the diet that Gwyneth Paltrow was famous for. And just last week, I read somewhere on the Net that Leona Lewis had shed some pounds by practicing the detox diet. Which is awesome really, but totally sufferable. Honestly, as much as I hate my fat thighs, I just wanted to cleanse my body from the rubbish I usually shove inside my mouth. I can exercise to tone my thighs you know, which um, I rarely do.

More on the diet people. So today is day one of the detox diet, and to say that I am pretty much struggling with it is way too much. But it is hard. No blissful Pavlova drizzled with chocolate sauce. No more cheesy pizza. No more wheat-based bread. Just fish, vegetables and fruits. Yes, yes, healthy lifestyle.

So in order to cleanse my insides, I gotta do this. Eyharara herself has to do this (because she wants to have a hot body for her beach vacay weekend, but more on that later.) And with that, I am delighted to tell ya’ll that by tomorrow,  theBOR will feature Eyharara on;



Source: Shafiqueva's blog.

Yup that’s my girl Eyharara, and she will be featured in this bloggie blog of mine to tell her journey throughout the detox diet programme. Stay tuned for the first entry!



3 comments on “Deeds on Detox.

  1. Pajid
    March 2, 2010

    uh, i want more details on it. 😀

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