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This is why I love rock music.

To put a story in short: Rock is awesome. My love of rock music is not something I usually gush about, and indeed it is not hereditary, although I think I saw a stack of rock records lying around the house like Ella and Butterfingers. The music itself embodies a sense of power when you listen to it, thanks to the drum beats and guitar riffs. Whether it is classified as Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Fusion Rock, Progressive Rock  and other sub-genre that I can’t type it all here, in general, Rock is awesome. And I am not saying in a position who does not like back-alley indie performances (Which is a different story altogether.)

And because my ears are a set of  picky hearing organs, I can’t exactly label myself as the ultimate fan of rock music. There are bands and songs that I choose not to listen, because it is just not my cup of tea. Like KISS for example. Not a big fan of them, but I certainly salute their over-the-top get ups.

Anyway, I am here to gush about my fascination towards a few of the legendary rock bands who soars my life to the better with their music. There’s my all-time fav Queen and The Eagles, and not to forget, the epic Metallica in which the guitarist, James never fails to impress me with his solo numbers. (And by now you should know I have a thing with guitarists.)

Oh yeah, it should be noted that I am not a fan of metal rock. Not my cup of tea definitely, solely because I had a hard time listening to the lyrics/the lyrics does not posses any meanings/the song is just a complete instrumental piece of deafening guitar riffs and booming drum beats. Anyway, there are times where I enjoy soft rock, and in a very twisted way, I find these very soothing: (besides Hotel California) like RHCP’s Snow and Oasis’s I’m Outta time. Simply perfect, and lyrically awesome too.

Duran Duran wrote a nice song entitled ‘Falling Down’ in which I must shamefully admit, will be on repeat during those difficult times during the night. I remembered when I was (I think) 6teen, when my babe Nyda had Radiohead in her playlist, and I was like ‘So girls listen to rock too? I thought it was a boy thing?’ Yes, I am perfectly aware that I am v shallow at that point of time with music. But I love it now. And Karma Police is kinda like the starting point of everything.  I could go on really, on and on about many other bands, but specifically today, I want to show yall this vid:

‘Tokio Hotel-Pain of Love

I don’t want to go and discuss about the looks of the musicians and etc. I just wanted to say that they are like the rock band of my generation, and I particularly like them because (apart from the guitarist OMGOMGOMG) they had very deep lyrics and there are a few songs from them which explains the term ‘Symphonic Rock’. Enough said, I LIEBE THEM. And if there’s some random shooting star at night, I’ll definitely wish for them to come here.


I  love the ending by the way.

I first picked up Tokio Hotel from Channel V with their Ready Set Go single and wondered to myself who the hell is this flat-chested chick? And it was actually a guy. And I am completely floored with their German songs too. I’ve heard Russian rock songs, but songs in German is much better. (As opposed to French rock songs, which stunned me altogether. The whole idea is kinda overwhelming, to say the least.)


Note: Halfway through writing this, my tummy got upset and my minds started to get a lil dizzy, hence this length post.


3 comments on “This is why I love rock music.

  1. eyharara
    February 26, 2010
  2. Me
    February 26, 2010

    It’s amazing what Bill is doing with his voice on Pain of Love, isn’t it? <333333

  3. zon4music
    February 28, 2010

    hai.. 🙂 how do you do..good luck! ^_^

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