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i HEART… NY Fashion Week Fall 2010

Like some of us who will never have a place in the tent at Bryant Park, we should probably resort to instead. NY Fashion week ended yesterday with Tommy Hilfiger being the last show, and the below are some of the things from the many runaway shows that I wouldn’t mind wearing (and owning).


On the far left, those are from 3.1 Philip Lim. Overall, his collection reminds me of the off-duty model look (the look Alexander Wang specializes in) but with more class. Lots of grey, black and beige. The colours which doozes people off but somehow the designer managed to perk it up a little with sudden flourecent orange peices later in the middle of the collection.

The one at the bottom is an interesting look because the contrast between a floaty dress and a perfectly trailored duo-toned blazer is perfect.

Both images on the middle and on the right are pieces from Jeremy Scott, a designer who designs clothing with such quirk. His designs are playful and sassy and for this collection I find out he uses lots of patterns (like a lady figure and crosses) as well as studded gems which makes me think, maybe this collection is sort of rock and roll? Yes ROCK AND ROLL indeed.

The STYLE sleeves on the top is probably something that I want to wear for classes. (ngehe) and the bolero, my oh my, really reminds me of the colourful window panes at a church, no? I WANT THEM.

Aaaah, the above are my favs from Brian Reyes. The clothes posses simplistic cuts and simple patterns to match. It is a fresh change really, because some of my fav designers choose not to tone it down for fall. This collection is very straight forward, and I like that. I adoooore the asymmetrical folds on the skirts. And oh, the faux fur jacket in fiery orange third from the left is to die for! Love it!

Next up, Micheal Kors with his always-sexy collection. Lots of wool, fur, tan colour (yeah because it is fall fashion after all.) and sudden glitz glamour pops out of nowhere later in the collection. The three above are my favs. But note that the middle would be the look on a guy I would fall in love for. Dashing. Very Dashing.

From left to right: J.Mendel, Monique Lhulier, and Halston.

On the left, displays a dress with a fabric so beautiful, I just cannot remember the last beautiful fabric I gushed about. This one is just so gorgeous. And what I like about the middle dress is because of the details. I am, of course, a sucker for details, and I think that the fine belt is perfectly places as it accentuates the silhouette of a woman more, and prevent those who wear it looks like being swallowed by the dress itself.

And Halston, on the right, I am in love with you because 1) the jersey fabric. Very practical.Very sexy. 2) The asymmetrical cuts on the bodice, oozing sexiness. 3) It is obviously something I would wear for Lawnite. Ok Kidding. Graduation Party, maybe?

From left to right: Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs

I really want these two in my closet. Calvin Klein, some people thinks the collection is nothing special, plain monochromatic colours, same silhouette stylings and all the shiz. But some people see it as a sophisticated label. For moi, it is a complete boredom when I browsed the whole collection, but when that cK dress pops out on screen, it is definitely instant love.

Oh and hello Marc J trench/raincoat? with fur trims! Love the colour, as always. Marc always always play with my fav colours. Good Marc.

Hear ye Hear ye!!!

The above are my recent finding in the fashion world. This label originates from Sao Paulo, named Alexandre Herchcovitch. I love this collection because he take the cult military style to another different level altogether. From my readings, he is inspired by the Georgian cinematography. I certainly did not see any Balmain look-alikes throughout the show. And the explosion of colours! Oh my.

The above are form Marchesa, the dressers to the stars. They make awesome dresses truthfully speaking,  but through my eyes, nothing extraordinary. (Ok maybe a few rare peices) Beautiful peices, yes, but noting different.

But  that did not stop me from swooning over the dramatic pieces they had.

I am fully aware that designers ‘interpret’ other designer’s designs all the time. But this is just too much. (Again, IMHO). The pink mini on the left is something out of Galliano’s couture line, the middle reminds me of last year’s Valentino’s lace collection and the right hauntingly looks like something McQ will come up with.

The above are Marchesa as well. My fav out of all the garments would be the one on the left. Again, love the contrast of a sharp looking blazer (or was it a navel blazer, half-cut?) partnered with that beautiful piece of dress with the bottom that looks like stingrays floating on air. Love it!

The middle screams ‘ICE QUEEN’, a garment I could see Cate Blanchett wearing for an occasion. The left, hmm what can I say? The colour is nice, but it would’ve been something McQ will come up with for his Spring 2003 collection. But nevertheless, stunning.

And lastly, Naeem Khan. The designer shot to fame when The First Lady of America, Michelle Obama wore his designs. So after browsing his latest collection like some mad grandma, I came to a conclusion whereby he have a fetish for anything glitzy. Oh the sequins! The glamour! Love, love it!


So yeah, I am done gushing about the pieces from the runaways of New York for Fall 2010. On a second note, I cannot wait to look through the magnificence of London Fashion Week. So till then loves, goodbye.


One comment on “i HEART… NY Fashion Week Fall 2010

  1. Ire
    February 22, 2010

    I love these designs! Wish I could have been there in person!

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