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Mydin and Me.

Remember the dark period when I was no longer in contact (literally) with my laptop because it’ll get too hot upon two minutes of usage? Well, during that period, many wonderful things happened to me, in which I have this unbearable desire to write about it here, hence immortalizing those memories for the near future.

But because the dark period was not called like how it is for nothing, therefore, today and right now is the perfect moment for me to recall the joy I was able to go through. So here we go. In pathetic form of journalism. But bear with me people. I am sure you are already perfectly immuned with my level of boringness.

We (my super lovely Lovelies, that is.) went to Mydin see, where I had to stop myself from purchasing a beautiful new set of colours for only RM2.30. It is a big temptation to turn down, ya know. It was a set of Faber-Castell colour pens, and it just blows my mind away, price wise. I really wanted to have those in my hand you know, but to come and think of it, my beloved set of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada colours are still usable, so why waste the money? (obviously me in a reasonable mode of thinking here.)

But considering that my loves birthdays were coming up then, it was kinda like a calling for me to spend some time with my artistic side. Henceforth, the below.

This was made for .S. for her birthday. As usual, I was inspired by a picture I found on the net, and I’ve decided to make do a pop-art version of it. I hope it is not too shabby for your eyes. I remembered the day I did this, I was kinda struggling to do it in secrecy, because somehow .S. just haaaad to be in my room that very day, so just imagined how hard it is for me to complete this. Nah no need to imagine. Let me tell you.  I am totally not a sneaky type, so my last resort was to complete this at a room next door. Totally random.

And a week after that (if I am not mistaken) I was due to make Shafiqueva‘s bday card. And so I did, with love and patience.

Here’s me, in the middle of a grueling process to complete another product of SMALLART@M. I was feeling a bit daring at that point of time, so I’ve decided to challenge myself to do a much complicated drawing (for me that is, a humble and pathetic artist) and to experiment with different types of colours and its consistency and how it goes with a cardboard material.

So naturally, I was a bit nervous (and anxious at the same time) for how it will turn out later, when out of the blue my girl Mila came to my room and surprised me with her marshmallows leftovers. Not big with artificial stuff, but ya know, a brief distraction is needed sometimes.

Man I look fat in this picture. Hello fat face. Maybe the intense coloring sessions are the reason for it?


And a few hours later, I managed to complete it with victory. And I am loving it!

There’s space for improvement, I know. Noted.

Syafiqueva was so happy when he received this (I think he was.) and he even made a post about his bday here.


Ya know, I totally dig the rain droplets and the butterflies. I wanna see that to happen in real life.


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