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Because it’s called addiction.

Hello gorgeous people of the world. Like it or not, I really love that word. Gorgeous. Like it or not, those who reads my blog are gorgeous beings. (No pun intended.) And like it or not, yours truly will be doing a post on who else (besides Madge, Lady Gaga, and the likes) but Cheryl Cole.

Truth be told, I am kind of pissed off to know that none of the many channels in Astro shows live coverage on yesterday’s Brit Awards. So being very pissed of, the Youtube came to save me and obviously, I am so excited (in the room, alone and clapping by myself to the magnificence of the performances of the night) with Cheryl’s performance. Same favourite song. but lots of improvisation. And the intro cue was fantastic!

Less gushing, video below loves.

Also, as I’ve heard, Lily Allen finally received her first Brit Award yesterday and she also performed that night. Whenever I watched the video below, I kinda missed the old Lily. And seriously, leotard/pantless outfits are soo ,overrated, really. Nevertheless, an enjoyable one this is. But her voice is nothing to be excited about. (Really, I think that what makes Lily Allen, THE Lily Allen, because she sing-talk. Her quirky presence wakes people up at the first place)

Again. Less gushing, the video below.

An awesome homage to her country IMHO.

So before they had the real event that very night, they had a launch party, see, and La Roux performed! I am so into these electronic infused, funk music and she performed Bulletproof effortlessly. But I really don’t mind if she open her eyes when that voice of hers comes out of her mouth. Seriously. I remembered this episode in Akademi Fantasia (yes yes, a sucker for reality shows I am!) where the vocal teachers was like ‘Why the hell did you sing with your eyes closed?! Connection with the audience! Get connected with the audience!’ Oh I missed Akademi Fantasia.


And lastly, the anthem of New York, equally addictive and epic at the same time. You know what, this song is just so powerful that it really gives me chills when Alicia belted out the chorus. And another fact, my friend just told me Jay Z was a kid who memorized the effing dictionary when he was 14 (I think) Mad.

And so was the performance of Empire State of Mind.


I remembered being this excited for an awesome rap song with Kanye’s Through The Wire, Chaka Khan’s sample part. Love it! I was maybe 13 or 14 and got excited whenever this song blasted through the radio. I remembered my roommate was equally excited as I am then.


So Lady Gaga paid tribute to her friend Alexander McQ at the Brit Awards in which I am still in my search of finding the best video to post it here. Because truthfully, the ones I’ve gone through really did not serve justice towards the whole performance by GaGa. Her performance was nothing like the ones she performed before. It is kinda mellow, but a nice change really.

So till then loves. I gotta go do my homework. Be good!


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