my random musings, now in words.

Some sort of post, the kind that will cover up everything that happened over these past few days.

2.04 AM, 5th August. My typing shall start now.

Hello loves. This week’s been crazy. Major tutorials, and I’ve been lazing around still, till the very last minute. Anyways, I felt bad, for not letting out my soul to this bloggie blog of mine, due to some problems I’ve faced earlier this week. So let’s discuss about that, shall we?

Some rather random updates about myself that leads to this little commotion of mine. Oh yeah, by the way, I am using The Roomate’s laptop now, because mine is, um, need to go for a service.


  • So I purchased a new charger for my laptop. It went off again. End of story.
  • My curly roots are getting more obvious by day, which is really messing up my mind. To actually think about it is a really fussy thing, to start with.
  • I lost my blue pen. A new one, in fact. (emphasis added).
  • Ballroom dancing is still not my thing. And to teach the others next week? Hmph.
  • I do not want to start on the current condition of my face.
  • Am working on a big project now. (big project for me, at least.). But more of that later.
  • The Chinese New Year hols are coming up. That means, more telly time, and a meeting with The Bestfriend.
  • I lost my yellow highlighter. I hate it when my things went missing. Oh yeah, there’s a fucking whole in my pencil case. My, my, what is wrong with this week?
  • I read more cases this week than the articles in NY MAG and Daily Mail UK. (clap clap, anyone?)
  • I missed my laptop. A lot.Poor thing.


So there’s this major event I took part in, which is called the Global Youth Symposium in my Uni, and I had the honour to become the urm, HEAD OF SPONSORSHIP (haaaaaawhywhywhy?!) and yours trully had no idea why she was chosen to carry such a heavy duty. The equation is simple really; NO MONEY=NO SYMPOSIUM. And that does not sound glamorous at all. How the hell I can find RM$100K in three months? You tell me now.


I felt bad for not posting the last entry for the side project of mine; FRONT ROW RANDOMS, but anyway, some random fashion dose, for the sake of not feeling too bad. Ya know, I always wondered why do I like the colour black sometimes. Of course it is chic, to start with. I, like many others I supposed, just adore people who wear black effortlessly. I’ve figured out that not many people can pull this colour easily ya know. Black makes you POP or just eat you all out. That it really, if you get what I mean.

Nevertheless, some of my favoutite black on black shots.

Aah, drappings and layerings and oversized garments: DRAMA. And I am on it people.



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