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Hello Grammys~

The Grammy’s was fantastic last Monday, which is totally no surprise, because ya know, it is after all, The Grammys. You can be as OTT as you wanted to. It’s like the highlight of the music industry every year, which is on the other hand, a very true statement.

Woke up around 8-ish in the morning then, and made breakfast and was totally hooked on E! red carpet show, and with the real show on Starworld an hour after that. Thank God for a holiday on Monday. Overall, I find this year’s Grammy full of suprise, and I must say that Taylor Swift must have had her lucky charms somewhere, because she won The Record of the year (and God knows why-not to offend Swifty’s fan by all means, may I add), and you know how many big awards she received before the Grammy’s last year. No doubt she’s talented, but ya know, she’s just talented as in singer-songwriter talented. Get what I mean? But that is just my point of view. Maybe I got affected by GaGa’s awesomness, which makes everything else severly boring.

Anyway, The Grammys started off with Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John. I am not in favour with her singing Pokerface, because I like the other hits (read: A Tribute) but Speechless was performed beautifully. But I don’t get the man during the earlier part of the performance. What was he doing there, exactly?

And this year, (which shocks me actually) The Grammy ends with the awesome-est closing act ever! So there’s Drake and Lil Wayne and EMINEM (AAARGHOMGOMGBREATHEBREATHE) together with drummer Travis Baker performing Drop the World and Forever. It was amazing. But the downside of it is that, if only Kanye was available to sing his part, it’ll probably be more than awesome. Nevertheless, these three rappers are excelent, and the performance is just brilliant. and yes I am indeed in love with Eminem (AAAAARGHOMGOMGBREATHEBREATHE). Forever and always.

Hold on, that’s a song title by Swifty, no?


Eminem killed it, to say the least.

And Lil Wayne wore black underwear- fetching, and very sophisticated too.

Oh yeah, Drake was…um Drake.


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