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Front Row Randoms: Part 3


Everyone out there, who have been waiting for this since ages, my apologies goes out to all of you. Apparently my  dysfunctional laptop charger is still unattended and my lovely Torts cases received the same treatment as well. Anyway, The Bestfriend owed me big time for featuring this bloggie blog of mine as quoted ‘supercool fashion blog‘ which is so totally not to start with. As much as I am flattered with the sudden recognition, allow me to gush and explain till your eyes drop;

First off, I never intend to do this blog and write 24/7 about fashion. Now fashion blogs do that. Not here. My entries are never jam-packed with fashion and the shizz, which unlike some fashion blogs, do. The purpose of me investing my time and the love that I had with writing is for me to um, practice myself in the field of journalism, because I know I can never get a degree for that matter, so this serves as a medium for me to ya know, express myself (though I am perfectly aware of how pathetic, immature, sometimes inadequate and rather disgusting (at times) my entries are-so you do not have to remind me of all that). I am certainly amused by these three words ‘supercool fashion blog’. It’s a definite TMTH.

What I am doing here is very much in contradiction with those three words, as to conclude. I am pretty much a lazybum who likes everything, (and not fashion in particular). It just so happens that what interest me by far is fashion, and the life that I am leading, hence, what you’ll be reading.


Chanel Haute Couture 2010

L to R: model Amber Rose, the amazing Kanye West and supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

Burberry, London September 22nd

L to R: actor Dev Patel, girlfriend actress Freida Pinto, British TV presenter and model Alexa Chung and actress, fashion designer and budding mogul Mary-Kate Olsen.

Ellie Saab, Paris

L to R: singer Nelly Furtado and burlesque dancer, author and lingerie designer Dita Von Teese.

Mourett Spring Summer 2008

L to R: Dita Von Teese, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and ex-singer now designer and soccer-mom, Victoria Beckham.

Luis Vuitton

L to R: The members of The Black Eyed Peas (another not included)., and Fergie.

Jill Stewart Fall 2009, NY

L to R: socialite sisters; Paris and (designer) Nicky Hilton.

Images courtesy of Getty and Socialite  life.


So there you go, this week’s part of Front Row Randoms. Next up, the final part, which I honestly must admit, does not contain anything out of ordinary and it will be just an entry with front row pictures, no less.

And a reminder of course (or maybe a form of warning too, I guess?), to fellow readers, I am beyond words with the amount of recognition I was given by you, but just for the sake of straightening lines here, I want to emphasize the fact that I will not change the way I write about fashion, or other things. Even or even if I’ve decided not to write anything about fashion anymore (which I highly doubt btw) this blog will always remain as The BLOG OF RANDOMNESS. Thank you very much.

p/s: You want fashion blogs?! I GIVE YOU FASHION BLOGS SUCKKAS! Take this. AND THIS! and this!!!

p/s/s: Clearly I am not good at expressing my fake dramatic wordiness.

p/s/s: Thus, I am off. Till then, bring on the runaways!


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