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The joy of being productive.





By now, many of you (my loved, anonymous silent readers) had digest the fact that Fridays are not the days I look forward to. Heck, I’m not proud of any morsel of my laziness, but I just want you to get the message that because of the extremely draggy, astonishingly boring English class that I have to attend every Friday morning, it pretty much spoil my once perfect Fridays.

However, this particular Friday (two days ago to be exact), I did something different. Not drastically different. Different enough to compare myself to the usual Fridays that is. Usually, for a normal Friday, you can easily find me in my room, continuing my sleep after English ends and I only wake up once my tummy start to rumble. But last Friday, I went for an outing. Which for your information, freaks like me will get super excited about.

So being all giddy for the outing , Eyharara , Syafiqueva and I got ourselves ready and head straight to our shopping place.

My Le Fashion sister Eyharara on the left and my beloved photographer/diva/friend extraordinaire Syafiqueva.

Oh yeah, together with this guy;

Ello. The friend who won’t stop talking in which his flamboyance will shock humanity.

Because I was in my *ehem economical phase, it was a bit of shock for me to know that the majority of the clothes here (in Bangsar) are ridiculously priced and the tailoring and designs are second to the other faint imitations of those garments in the runaways. To top these bad news off, many of the posh dosh boutiques are on the second and third floor of a particular building, in which that means I have to climb a flight of stairs in order for me to absorb the magnificence of clothes (which I previously mentioned, ridiculously priced). And by the way, I DON’T DO STAIRS. ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH POOR LIGHTINGS ON TOP OF MY HEAD. urgh.

Throughout our little adventure in Bangsar, Eyharara and Ello decided upon buying matching Casio watches with rad rad pastel coloured straps which I am so jealous of. If only it comes in a colour that I adore (so totally not the ones in pastel pink, which is the only one left.),I’ll probably buy those too. And yeah, please note that I am still in my *ehem economical phase. Darn.

And because of the upcoming events that I will soon attend, it is only natural for me to search for dresses. And searching was what I did, eventhough I have no idea what particular style I am looking for. I just plainly want it to stand out from the crowd (which I am sure anyone who attends an event would want to be that), and want the garment that I will be wearing to scream my name. (Ok fine, not scream. But ya know what I mean, yes?)

So the fellas and I stepped inside Nurita Harith to try out some that I fancy.

Both were made from the same fabric, which is chiffon. I personally liked the one on the right, in which the fabric was skillfully dyed in ombre’d shades of blue. But the one on the left is in my favourite colour. And with that my loves, I dare not to think more and left the place, still thinking about the two pieces that I’ve tried on.

After we had coffee and later a bunch of oily fries for a snack, we went back to Uni. (and I, still thinking about the two dresses.) What I learned is, being productive during Fridays are a good change for yours truly. It proves that I am not living in a rut. It proves that eventhough I might be the boring-est person to be with, I still have a little fun in me.

Eyharara was so excited that the colour of the walls matched with her nails.

I, however, got excited to get a picture taken with a random pole. I told you I’m boring.

Oh hello random person in red on the left! Oh hey you awkward little thing in the middle.

I had fun. I had so much fun till I had to blog about it. I had so much fun till I have to virtually force all of you to read this. I had so much fun till I forgot that I have an assignment due next Friday. I had so much fun till I forgot that the Law Library will close at 4PM on Sundays. But in short, I had fun.


3 comments on “The joy of being productive.

  1. eyharara
    January 25, 2010

    OMG!!!!!super duper LOVE it!!!!! :DDD
    u HAVE to buy the dress dekat cats’ whiskers tuuu!!!!
    im like that one better!!!!
    haha adorable la this post! 😀

  2. syafiqueva
    January 26, 2010

    i prefer the black n white dress at cat whiskers!

    quote of the day:
    “Nurita Harith tu sape..??”


  3. eyharara
    January 28, 2010

    ok i baru realise i sound so bimbo dalam comment di atas T__T

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