my random musings, now in words.

ich bein allein

Translation: I am alone.

By the time I am writing this, it is already a Saturday. And by the time you read this (God knows when), I might be in the library by then, trying to do what normal people do in the library. However so, this post is intended to tell you about what happened during my Friday, which serves as the most laziest day for me to get out of my bed. Because of an early English class. And the only thing that drives me to do that is to remind myself that Fridays are supposed to be the most productive day out of the week, because ever so oftenly, Eyharara, Syafiqueva and yours truly will have our little outing together after the torturous two-hour English class.

Unlike the extreme hesitance I always have during Friday mornings, today is slightly different. And with that I meant, I am actually a bit thrilled for English class. So I told The Father yesterday to wake me up by calling my cellphone an hour before class, which later turns out that he forgot about the whole thing and obviously did not wake me up, but miraculously, I woke up an hour and fifteen minutes before class. Which is surreal.

And so I woke up, had my breakkie of yesterday’s leftover pizza from my colleague’s birthday supper (he turns twenty2 yesterday, and I freaked out a bit. Man, do people age fast. Geez.) and went straight to class, with high spirit. And you know what, I sort of had a great feeling about today.

And of course, naturally, I am never wrong. Today served as the most productive Friday I ever experienced since 2010 started. During class today we discussed about; ‘Are you a techie or a technophobe?’ WHY ENGLISH CLASS WHY? WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!. And after an hour, I suddenly felt bored. My mind starts to slow down. Or was I evolving to the .M. that I usually am during Fridays? But what’s for sure, English classes never *disappoints me. The two hours dragged till I thought to myself that I’ve seen the sun setting outside.

And then the productive part came. The outing. But more of that later.

As of now, I am alone. The Roommates are gone for the weekend.

A bit hungry, and helping myself with t.A.T.u’s latest record.

Thank you for reading.

Library here I come.



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