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A tribute.

Today I want to write/talk/discuss about the existence of a person who had inspired many hearts around the globe (including yours truly) and had made an obvious change in the music scene. This lady also had given such a massive impact towards the fashion scene, and frankly she is a force to be reckoned with. She always have brilliant ideas for her amazing performances, and most definitely,regardless of the genre of music she is bringing to the table (which is dance music by the way), she can sing live.

I am certainly talking about Lady GaGa.

And just because I used to have a certain degree of unlikeness towards dance music, she indeed had changed me. Or in other words, she made me like dance music. It is surreal really, because I would’ve sworn upon my yucky toes that I will never give dance music a chance. But now everything’s change. I like dance music. I kinda love dance music. I am now embracing dance music.

I remembered when Just Dance came out on MTV, I, here, shamefully admit that I was in utter disgust, and I was thinking ‘Hmph, just another dance star bla bla bla.’. But of course, being the .M. that I already am, I decided to tame my curiosity by browsing the net to sample her other songs. And I definitely got hooked up on Love Game. It was instant love.

And to make it worse, a few months later, Love Game came out on MTV, and I was talking to myself that I need to have my hair with those heavy layered bangs just like her in that particular video. So with that, as they say, the rest was history.

She is such an amazing performer to start with. My goodness, throughout my 9teen years of living, I never had a chance to stumble upon such a talent like her. And there she was, performing on stage, pantless and all. Pantless and donning the most awesome-est garments I’ve ever seen in my whole life (excluding the ones on Dior Couture, JPG and the likes, of course.) All of a sudden, my admiration towards Her Royal Highness Madonna evaporated in an instant. But of course, I came back to my sense and decided that ‘You know what, I think I might be a fan of Lady GaGa, regardless of the hype’. And so a fan of Lady GaGa, I was. Still am, actually.

I never like the nature of people to compare two very different things and made it as if they are from the same niche. It is so stupid. I sometimes cannot believe how shallow people are. And as I would’ve expect, the world compared her to the reigning Queen Madge. And suddenly Christina Aguilera made a change to her latest music, and then the world went on comparing her with Lady GaGa. So tell me how to not be fed up with this shenanigans.

But putting those shizz aside, I, like many others, yearns to meet the woman herself in person. I dreamed of watching her perform live, right infront of my puffy-due-to-lack-of-sleep eyes. I was in surprise when she came out with Bad Romance which put myself in amazement (Alexander McQ anyone????Goodness.). And I went on getting excited when she was featured in Beyonce’s Videophone, and later came out with her own Telephone song. As of now, Telephone tops my favs. Here’s the best cover I’ve listened to so far.

Both compliments each other’s vocals.

(And plus, who can stand the awesomeness of the guitar player? Sorry .S., I cannot help not mentioning this.)

And last Christmas (though, I never celebrated that day throughout my lifespan), I found this:

Which is so freaking funny!! I can never get tired of this, really.

And not to forget, I found this video today evening. And it was delusional. I never had such a big laugh in my life before, and thanks to this, I eventually did.

So no doubt, Lady GaGa is a talented, fashion-savvy , musically gifted thing in a form of a human being like us. She can always shock us with her bizarre clothes (quoted from the tabbies, of course), but what is for sure, nobody can deny that she is an amazing performer, however OTT she is. And to sum everything up, I let you now witness the simple performance by her that made me adore her even more;


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