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Oh, you bore me.

‘Yes lengthy law cases, I’m talking about you’

‘And don’t pretend that you know nothing about my exhaustion from boredom afterwords’

So because of the reason that I know when I start reading law cases (or anything related to the field of law in any case, in fact), it will give (negative) immediate effect on me, I’ve thought of a few solutions to keep up my focus. With a hope that it will help me to curb my sleepiness once I started reading the first two paragraphs.

You see, I have to complete my reading on this random R v Willans case which had thought me nothing but old words such as shew (??) and connexion (funky spelling for ‘connection’, no?) over the weekends, which eventually leads me to a super-long afternoon nap on Saturday, and I felt bad to myself on the following Sunday. So I start reading the case, and ends up doing  this instead;

Err yeah, a SMALL ART@M product for my girl Qila’s friend.

Yeah, I admit, the tree is awesome, the other things suck bad. But it is still on it’s way to completion.


Right now I’m in my room in Uni, pretty much alone after dinner, with a few more pages of law cases reading to go. And it is raining, which is awesome. And those niffy crickets outside my window are singing some 80’s song. (Okay kidding kidding who the hell cares if I am anyway.)

Crickety creek?

So yesterday before I am supposed to get in the car to get back here, The Mother broke her unnecessary silent treatment. And the conversation went on like this.

TheMother: How much money left?

.M.: Urm, uhh (scratching my back), $40? (*which truth be told, I only had fewer than that.)

TheMother: Take this. (handing some $$).

Okay so naturally with the sight of hard cash, my eyes went up.

But then, she said something.


TheMother: Berangan je memanjang ,belajarnya tidak! Duduk kat atas berangan je bla bla bla raff riff raff bla bla bla bla bla, belajarnya tidak bla bla bla nak hambek ni bla bla

*Translation: You keep on doing your day-dreaming, you’ve been neglecting your studies. What did you do in your room? Day dreaming again? (Jegeez, I suck in translating ya know.)

You see there is this problem that I do not get it with The Mother. She kept  on accusing me of doing things that I did not. I mean she was ‘impliedly’ saying that I am doing nothing in the room. Not studying whatsoever. When I had to suffer from reading R v Willans. God I prefer her silent treatments.



One comment on “Oh, you bore me.

  1. sawi
    January 19, 2010

    weh, kurang ajar. motif kau post kat blog kau padahal kau dah tau aku nak post kat blog aku??haha

    stop calling..stopp calling… *high pitch*

    anoyying tak?haha

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