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One two three,


Final post loves. The final post.


First off, a random shot of one of my few favored supermodels, Agyness Deyn.

Would ya look at that checkered poncho? A poncho with zippers. Tell me how you can’t get excited by it. And oh, hello shabby Doc Martens! Long time no see!

And of course, this;

Ya know I love young hipster parents. Okay, okay who am I kidding? (^.^) I must admit that h-word is kinda clichéd and overrated, but ya know, just put that aside, and just look at the Richie-Maddens! I just feel like grabbing a camera and shot an editorial there and then. My my, even little Sparrow is going on with Joel’s rocker side (oh hello tiny Nikes!)

And now, some of my favourite magazine cover and shots;

Shot by Tim Walker, this HB cover is obviously inspired by Mr Tim Burton’s extraordinary workmanship in his movies.

Sometimes, less is more. And with that, I don’t mean you have to wear futuristic garments which shots laser beams to show you are fearless and tough. (*cough RiRi cough). Just with those smokey eyes and that new hairdo of her’s, Natalie Portman shows her tough side in this V Magazine cover and I am buying it.

Christina Aguilera for Marie Claire latest issue. Is it me, or this picture just appears to make her look like the 90’s again?

The appirition of a young Kate Moss in Vogue Italia in 1992, shot by a model-turned-photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. I have no words for her but CUTE. Her face is so fragile,and her limbs are so tiny. I am so totally loving this look.

Ya know sometimes I wish that Kate will go back on walk on the runaways like the old days. I just love the way she sashay on the runaway. (Besides, of course Queen Naomi and the fierce Tyra).

Runaway shots from Andrea Ayala. If there’s someone out there willing to change the way runaway shows are, she is the one. The clothes are in a perfect ratio of colour, texture and shapes, which is always a good thing. Like I said, less is more. A non-dramatic runaway show is a nice change. And the idea and vision of a head-less model is epic &fresh. Love Love it!!

Mark Fast for London Fashion Week. Now what is so interesting about him is that he dare to take the risk of putting a full figure model on his runaway, which is very kind of him, if you ask me. It makes us rounder bottoms women feel proud of ourselves. And she looked awesome in those black knit dress. Imagine if a tiny waisted model wear it? Not pretty. Kudos Mark! (eventhough those lousy fashion press start to buzz negative things about you.)

And finally (also from the runaway), a gown that makes me wish I have a bajillion bucks, so I can have it for my upcoming Lawnite next February.

Elie Saab SS2010.

When I think my new favourite colour is grey, maybe I am in love with nudes and neutrals all along?


Some photographs I stumbled upon last week.;

Fantastic photography by the photographers from Aorta. How much I really wanted to look perfect like this if I ever slipped on a banana peel and my hair is still in place, and my dress is crease-free and my Japanese-influenced wrap belt is still as hard as a cardboard.

The best body art fashion shot EVER. This is obscenely beautiful IMHO.

And finally (for now, at least.)

Imma talk about boots and all the schnootz.




Because Jean Paul Gaultier is a man with many talents, it is only natural for him to collaborate with other brands which will eventually push his name higher in the industry. Besides collaborating with Evian years ago, (as mentioned in this post here.), he also collaborated with the brand Doc Martens, and just look at what he came up with. Nobody make holes in boots that appealing besides him.

And of course, I crave for these babies since last year (2009),

The epic-est over-the-knee leather boots by Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte. The twists and turns of the straps just defines beauty for me (swooning).


And with that, I leave ya’ll to wait for the final FINAL post of my final post.

Get it??


Man, I’m pathetic.

Till then loves, let your mind to love fashion!



  1. najihahhamzah
    January 16, 2010

    i suppose
    “I leave ya’ll to wait for the final FINAL post of my final post”

    this mean that you are stopping yet,right?

    because i wld hate it if you have to stop.hee.=]

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