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As of today, there’s about 94 hours to showtime.

Give or take, about 74 hours to the Big Preview.

Two days back, my throat start to sore.

And then I got cured.

However, right now I am attacked by flu.

And currently my tiny toes are in pain for wearing high-heeled gladiators for the show is two sizes smaller than my own feet.

And I am really freaking out now because I just discovered that the white pants that I will be wearing for the Big Preview and during showtime is a size smaller. Thank you big thighs of mine. Thanks a lot. As if I need anymore problems to face .

Although I am looking forward for the big Showtime, but at the same time, there’s a lot of mixed emotions involved. I am excited to leave this production, because that means I won’t be facing selfish senior actors who think they are all that and chips. I am nervous for the Big Preview because I know I am not well-prepared to carry out the character. I felt a bit scared for the big showtime itself because my pals are coming, and they tag along their other pals, and my family will be coming. However so, I am kinda proud at myself, for going through all the shizz during rehearsals. The shoutings, the drama, the conflicts, every one of it.

So the director see, he have his own method of making us actors engage with the character that we will be portraying. And because I have this love-hate relationship with the senior actors, to make things worse, us newbies have to go through his sick method. So unfair. As if the seniors are good enough. Geez.



Some things I have to go through in order to become my character.

First, we run the rehearsals with my hands tied to the back.

And later, he told me that I will be blindfolded. While saying my lines, and walking with my cane. And my co-actor will have a paper mask on his head, not allowed to make any noise (including saying his lines) and will only communicate with  his body gestures and his eyes. My other co-actor will have both her hands tied. God knows how hard it is for me to get my cue after my co-actor did his lines by doing body gestures. I was blind, remember. Effing B.L.I.N.D. How the hell I can say my lines when I can’t even see whether my co-actor is done with his body gestures or not.

‘Follow your heart.’

That’s what the director said.


And not to mention I have to climb a three feet platform with blind eyes. Everyone were like this:

My girl Qila and one of the directors.

And the best part after the rehearsals:Constructive Criticism Time

Obviously there are many types of criticism, but eventually none are welcome.

Rehearsals are as usual tonight, until late.

The stage crew are working hard on the sets. It kinda terrifies me. Kinda.

My girl Qila revising her script.

I lost mine.



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  1. yaneee
    January 14, 2010

    friend of mine,.M.
    tolong tukar link saya yang baru,
    thanks thnks 🙂

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