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Celebratin’ the rain.

I had English on Fridays, and apparently today is a Friday, so um, I had English. It is not like I hate English or anything, it is just that the class starts at 9AM, whereby my little  mind is pretty much unawakened yet. And due to the grueling rehearsals, my biological clock can only tolerate with my schedule if my classes start at 10. The goddamn preview for my production will be on Tuesday, and the real show will be on Thursday night. And my mind is spinning just by thinking about it. It’ll be hell (hard work+ tears+ shoutings by the director+ frustration) during the weekends, and there will be lots of caffeine and water too. But that’s not the case here. I woke up at 845AM, thinking that my clock is an hour early because the temperature felt so mild and it was grey outside, and I really did thought that it was only 7AM-ish then.

So after shower, guess what happened?


Glorious droplets of water start to fall. At first it was kinda romantic, but then it was not anymore. It was raining cats and dogs and by then, I was worried. Whether to ditch English (which had been my intention since forever) or to go for English, and get myself wet.

I choose the latter obviously. Thankfully there’s an umbrella in the room, so .S. and I start to walk to class (though heavy-heartedly). And once we are about to step into the rain, the both of us stopped. And looked at the rain, which by the way, sounds like war and looks like some waterfall spilling over us. We then diplomatically agreed that we’ll go to class only when the rain starts to get romantic again. Give or take 20minutes.

So after what it seems like 20minutes, we went to class. We had group discussions today. Boohoo. Because my mind can’t function properly early morning, the brief speech I made sounds immature and really pathetic in comparison to my brilliant friends who speak with such conviction. Geez.

At last, English was over and I  head back to my room, craving for some hot, steamy instant noodles. While listening to Mika and Craig David. And while typing this. In the comfort of my room.


One comment on “Celebratin’ the rain.

  1. FaizSo
    January 9, 2010

    sama la kita .m.!
    wa dah la bgn lambat!
    830, (mmg awal from lu), but my class begin at 8!
    wa bersiap punya bersiap (mmg lembap sikit), by the tym kul 9 wa dah ready…
    wa pon kuar la nak naik fac…
    punya la lebat ujan tu!!!
    its really lebat tau! like MAJOR lebat!
    wa pakai payung tapi still basah kuyup!!!
    SANGAT basah tau!

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