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Oh alas, the day has come.


The past week had been challenging for me, but, as I mentioned on the earlier post, I am eager to start on this post on time. So here it is. Just for your reading pleasure.

Alright. So it was not a big deal for models to start at a tender age of 15teen, of 4teen the least. And right now, practically the young ones are booming, and by saying that, I really mean booming. They are not on the runaways only, but they are one step ahead for supermodel stardom by being hired to become the face of  high-end brands and here’s what I got so far:

Georgia May Jagger for Versace’s Spring ad. She’s only 17, and rumour has it that she’ll be the next best thing in modeling. Really, being captured in film upside down really put on some years to your face, no?

Here’s Karlie Kloss for Dior. She just turned 17, and look at her, already gracing the pages in the glossies with this Dior ad. Love her classic look really, but ya know? Dior? 17 year old teen? Right.

Moving on.

We are the Watsons, people!  Brother Alex, 17 on the left, and Emma herself on the right, wearing pieces from Burberry. Christopher Bailey is aiming for a shot of hip, young cool people. Hence, them.


Below are some pictures of Barbie dressed as Lady GaGa, made by a fella named Veik from Beijing.

Aren’t them the nuts? The details are just so ah-mazing! Veik really did a good job by making all the costumes (and esp the Alexander McQ’s heels) to look exactly like the real one.

And speaking of Lady Gaga;

The person who made this, Jean Charles de Castelbajac, are one of the many of GaGa’s favourite designers. It is obvious that the garment is a tribute to the late King of Pop, who ironically (as I read in the news), wanted to have a show with GaGa herself for his This Is It concert.

This is a view from a room in Les Sources de Caudalie, Bordeaux, and its interior is designed by the one and only Martin Margiela. What I love about this room is that the essence of classic and modernity clashes in a very good way. I simply adore the bed’s headboard.

And on the same note, as many of us know, human beings nowadays are getting better in multitasking. Like if you are a fashion designer, you can also become and interior designer if you want to. (Read: Above) If you are a model, you can still become an artist. (Read: Sasha Perivarova and the late Daul Kim) If you are an actress, obviously with the money you have, you can start making you own album, cafe, and a fashion line.

So that was what Lindsay Lohan did.

Here are some sketches for Lind’s 6126 fashion line, which is on its way to expand into clothes and accesory. Linds collaborated with Henri Levy of Ed Hardy, and that really explains the rocker chic influence in these sketches.

And now for some random shots in fashion.

It is not about the fact that I am obsessing about Cam Gigandet’s existance, I just find out that he is so appealing, that’s all. And look at his baby girl. Too cute. Am loving that fitted jacket.

One of the many stunning pieces for Versace Atelier. I am so in love with that soft marshmallow pink shade. And the details on the bodice and the different textures (the silk and the feather-like fabric) makes this particular one a show stopper.

Although I am never too eager with Megan Fox’s movies, I indeed am impressed with her fashion choices. Truth to be told, she is very beautiful in some angles, and the clothes that she wears just oozes with glamour and elegance. And eventhough I somtime fine her garments a bit too revealing, this Roberto Cavalli piece is purely tres chic. And sexy, of course.

A candid shot from Givenchy Couture in Paris. My my, black clothes paired with gold accessories never looked this good.

And just when you think Kid’s fashion could not get any hipper, couture lines for kids start to pop out of nowhere. Ryan McGinley, a photographer, shot this pic for his ‘We Don’t Need No Education’ spread in Purple magazine. Kids in couture is really the best thing that had ever happened to me. LOL.

So till then folks, I am off for some nap time before hell (rehearsals that is + stress+ lotsa H2o+ frustrations).


Let your mind to love fashion, remember that!



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