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Good Music for Good Time.

Though my definition of good time may vary from others, there’s no doubt that music give you a sense of empowerment, and strength, and happiness for you to go on with your life. The artist’s expression are nicely put into words, and those beats that flavor the songs makes you easily be addicted to it. You can do nothing once you are addicted to that particular song, right?

And as for me, once I am in love with that song, once I am engaged with the singer’s emotion, there won’t be any chances left for me not to constantly play that song when needed. Here are some of my favourite songs performed live.

The Cranberries, Zombie.

I can never recall the first time I listened to this song, but what I remembered was that I am always in awe whenever the guitar riffs throughout the ending starts. It is just perfect. When I am in rage, this song (or rather the guitar riffs) suits me well.

Dionne Bromfield, Mama Said.

Here’s a song that makes me smile. The trumpets and the harmonies are just awesome. Dionne is Amy Winehouse’s goddaughter, and she is currently signed with Amy’s label, Lioness Record, and all I can say is, she is the bomb! Her voice is the nuts, and she is just 13! She definitely have the swag of her godmother. Gotta love her.

Charice Pempengko, Note To God.

I first saw this on Youtube, and later saw it with High Definition on the telly, and there’s two words to sum up her performance: AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD. I literally cried when I saw this, because it really touches my heart. Such an amazing song, and such a powerful singer.

Tokio Hotel, Don’t Jump.

Because I have a soft spot for rock music, Tokio Hotel will always be my go-to band whenever I am not in the mood or what not. Whenever I felt helpless and the times when I felt like I have no where to go.  The lyrics are deep, and it’ll always drives me to look everything in a positive way.

If all that can’t hold you back, I’ll jump for you

The perfect ending line in a song EVER.


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