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No joke.

Greetings from under the apartment’s duvet. I am .M. and on the right, is The Sister.


Let’s do this again.

Although this is an unflattering picture,GREETINGS from the bed of the apartment, The Sister on the left and The First Cousin on the right. Of course, the middle is me. Over excited, yes I am. A bit embarrassed to admit this though.

The beach was okay, I guess.

Absolutely okay?

It was fun.

Yeah fun.

When I was little I always thought I am the sister of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, because I love being in the water, that’s why. But I only love the natural ones, which directly indicates to you that I do not prefer swimming pools. Chlorine spoils the skin (and the hair, but salt water too, no?), and rather disgustingly, I hate the fact that people can randomly sneak a pee inside the pool. (But people do that when they dip themselves in the sea too, am I right ?).


The First Cousin and I decide to visit the beach when it’s serenity is at its best, which is, of course, early in the morning. But because the two of us enjoyed watching the few final episodes of Glee last night, and The First Cousin had to finish up her school’s homework  after that (thank God, first semester in Uni is off with assignments), we did not. What a bummer.

But beaches are awesome nonetheless. The water is perfectly salty and the sands are nicely damped and gritty. Okay, to cut the crap off, the beaches was awesome, but the salty water annoys me to bits and I really hate it when the sands follow me back to the apartment. Those tiny little annoying things.Hmmph.

To make it worse, its a Christmas weekend, so everyone’s here, enjoying family days and all that. Pfft. I hate too many people at one place. It took away all the calmness of the beach. Which explains why it is vital for The First Cousin and I to visit the beach first thing tomorrow morning.

By the way, The Family is still digesting the fact that The Brother scored perfectly for his PMR exams, so they just had to discuss about his studies later during his upcoming upper form at the dinner table. And in between the conversation, The Aunt was like,

‘Why did you like biology but you are not learning to become a doctor now?

And yours truly was like

‘Because it was never written in the Law of Life that those who love the subject Biology must become a doctor’

‘And look at me, I’m reading law now, but I know I wanted to be something else’

(I said that with pride, of course. I gotta prove a point no?)

So then she was like

‘But that’s a hell of a waste. Reading law, but not becoming a lawyer’

I sipped my Coke and start thinking (also saying to myself that I need to prove a point), and later said

‘People look at it like that. Like there’s some written rule about it for that. I at least know what law is, which is good. I myself don’t think that as a waste, so why other people should bother? Why I should bother what other people will say about me later? I know what I am doing.’

She then asked

‘So what are you going to be then?’

And I replied

‘We’ll see in four years’


But of course, I’ve already seen my future.

It’s crazy. This future thing. But I am really determined to be an actress. Whatever I’ll face, and whatever it takes, I will become a recognized actress. That’s happiness for me. But eventually, The Aunt snickered when I replied. Maybe she thought it was a joke of some sort? Poor her.

Man, I sound like Rachel from Glee all of a sudden.Geez.


One comment on “No joke.

  1. sawi
    December 26, 2009

    yeah! i suka u lawan ckp aunt u tu. reading law tak semestinya jadi lawyer. narrow-minded. eheh

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