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Fear no more, ‘cuz The .M. is here!

or is it suppose to be like

No more fear, ‘cuz The .M. is here?

Right right. So I understand that nowadays I’ve been delaying my Fashion Random posts, but that does not mean I am giving up on this baby project. It’s Week Seven, and there’ll be another two more feeds before the final post. And I am excited. Not because after three weeks I do not have to care about finding new and interesting stuff to write about, but I am generally excited to come up with another baby project to keep this blog alive. And also to reactivate my i HEART list that is slowly dying.

But for now loves,


Man, this is quite a journey.


Cate Blanchett, I love you, I really do. You’ve been such an inspiration to me. You are one of the many reasons why I wanted to become an actress. You taught me how to become a man when I watched your video on Youtube. You made me wish upon the stars so that one day I can be a cast in an epic movie like you did. But seriously,


It is just horrendous.

But I still love you Cate.

Just not that dress though.

Hope I can meet you one day.

Alright. Moving on.

And here is Victoria Beckham, looking posh as always, looking fresh as always and looked polished as always at one of Lulu Kennedy’s Fashion East shows in London. I find that I am into the colour grey at the moment because it looked boring, but with a bit of sophistication. And let’s face it, why do I need the attention for, right? So favourite colour of the moment: GREY.

Back to Victoria, I suppose that her dress is from her line, dVb?

I guess so.

And here’s a shot of Lady Gaga and Madonna in their Christopher Kane for Topshop outfits for their sketch in the ever-so-humorous Saturday Night Live show last November. Really, the beauty of economic recession is this: high-end designers working with the mass retail industry like Topshop, and this is what you get; more buyers, more satisfaction, and of course, more celebrities wearing those garments on live tv.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, some editorials for you to feast your eyes upon.

First up, Lanvin’s ad campaign for Lanvin Men and Lanvin Women.

Awesome, no? Love the cream colored one shoulder garment with the most gorgeous ruffles on the left.

And here’s the ad for Lanvin Men.

Voila! Tell Steven Meisel whether you are into this or not. Pretty rad IMHO.

And then there’s these bunch of pictures I edited for your pair of eye’s pleasure by Emma Summerton for British Vogue. The contrast of the red garments and the magnificent background made such an impact,and honestly, extraordinary.

Simply breathtaking. It makes me dream to have a red coloured dress for my wedding  later.

Fine, that’s random.

Here’s the latest ad campaign of Luis Vuitton for Spring, fronted by the on-demand model of the time, Lara Stone. So maybe LV’s idea for this Spring shot is to bring back the joy of appreciating the simple things in life, like lay down on the grass with beautiful doves surrounding you like you are some goddess. With a monogram handbag on your side. Probably filled with the normal things like your Blackberry and MAC glossie. Right. Hippie-ish indeed.

And of course, not to forget, my new discovering.

Here’s a few shots of Roxanne Lowit’s new coffee table book, entitled Backstage Dior, which captures well, Dior’s backstage of course.  Lowit is a famed photographer who shots for various mega-labels like Vivienne Westwood and Dior. My favourite shot is the one top left, which is from Dior Couture Spring 2008. Fabulous. My favourite collection of all time.

~Courtesy of Fashion Somebody blog~

So here’s the news. Brit’s Queen of Cool, Alexa Chung was just named by Vogue UK as the Best Dressed for the year 2009. She practically knock off Kate Moss as the top. But seriously, I do not know about you, but I am personally kind of sick with the vintage-ish, hipster-ish look that had been going on since Agyness Deyn’s popularity shot up. And whatever happened to Victoria Beckham?!

I am soooo not being bias or anything here. (Eventhough I remained to be Vic’s biggest fan.

Up next,

Christina Ricci. She’s hotter than ever since she had her bangs, no? This is her at the Audi cars launching in Florida. That dress is perfection. And wait, I spot a beautiful Chanel 2.55 gripped on her right hand! Now that is just so gorgeous.

And finally, to wrap this post up,

So what is wrong with this whole look? Let see…


Ciara looked almost perfect if she had not choose those red things to complete her look. But she did, eventually, which sucks.

And when your mummy said that shoes are important,she is probably right.

So till then loves,

Let your mind to love fashion!


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