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This is what happen when you decided to cut short of  your perfectly sufficient amount of hols to devote yourself to the world of performing arts: You will start to rebel, and be lazy, and eventually have the urge to ditch rehearsals. Yes performing arts does somehow sounds mystical all of a sudden, but the magic will only happen when there is the existence of a script, many identified as the heart of the production itself. Ya know, us backbones (the actors, in other words), had sacrificed our precious telly times to come back to campus, in a hope that the moment we step inside the campus, we will die because of exhaustion due to the intense rehearsals.

Heck no. Apart from the spiritual breathing techniques being done, we barely did nothing. And the damn show is in two weeks. Man, I am scared that this shit will scare myself out.  It is ironic to see the other teams already moving on to their costumes and all, and it is just sad to see us backbones doing nothing at all.

So last night, the senior girls decided to have a movie night, and being  good backbones, we decided to learn from what we watch. To take notes and how to perform punch lines like how the Brit does. So it is only natural for us to decide in unison to watch The Boat That Rocked. Man, that movie is just plain awesome. How I wished our radio stations are brilliant like those days. Nowadays are just, different.

And today, the lazy bug bite me, and I am just too lazy to go for rehearsals later in the evening.

I won’t blame the existence of unproductive genes in my body is the result from my parents. Really. It’s not their fault. And neither the blame should be put on me. I think. Anyway, I spend the whole morning and noon watching Glee which is awesome, and does (in some ways) helped me with how I should perform on stage. Which is totally a good thing, no? Oh I love observing other actors as a homework by the director, because literally it means more telly time. But I watched Glee on my old laptop of course. No surprise there. BUT I LOVE KURT HUMMEL THE MOST. So absurdly diva-ish and flamboyant.

So after long minutes (heh over dramatic literacy alert!), of deliberations with the seniors of the backbones, we decided to crash our director’s pad, but eventually he is not even around.pfft. So we then decide to go for a movie. Aaaah, the joy of being a backbone.

We decided to watch Zombieland which is terribly funny and shockingly scary at times. To sum it into one word (though I do not have a habit of doing this often.) it is personally: UNFORGETTABLE. And to come and think that I had a weird photographic memory myself, I thank God those eeky zombie images do not haunt me that much. Kudos to the make-up and technical team of the production for not making them looking like a bunch of Zombie wannabes.

Well, at least boredom sometimes has its untold/undiscovered perks: RANDOM DECISIONS. I had a fun time bonding with the senior backbones. A bunch of actors can never have an overdose of movie watching, no? It was awesome. Truly.

It’s getting late now. I probably should work on my pending Fashion Randoms, and forget about the theater hoo-haas for a moment. It felt strange not be in touch with the fashion world anymore. But before that, Glee is here to accompany me through the night.

Good night world.

I love you.

Thank you for the love.

It’s been such a joy being in your lives.

(I just said that because of the dramatic mood phase I am in, please.)


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