my random musings, now in words.


I woke up yesterday morning looking like this:

Man I am such an ugly grandma. I’m blaming the rehearsals. I was shocked myself.

Ok fine. I guess something happened in my dream, that makes me look like this the morning after.


Life is short, but everybody knows that, no? It is kinda short, to come and think of it, because like Mr. Bean said once, ‘time flies by when you are enjoying yourselves’. It is kinda short if you take away your baby years and your horrifying high school years, so what is left for you is adulthood. That is kinda short. Life is short for you (and for me) when you and I are equally shocked when MJ was dead at the age of 50 and everybody was like ‘He is gone too soon’ or ‘He is too young to die’. And somehow, rather terribly today morning you and I will be equally shocked as well to find that Brittany Murphy is dead at the age of 32. Shocking really, but death do not really care about your age at the first place. If you gotta go, you will go. Although that is really an understatement.

Therefore this is how I lead my life see? I am aware that I do not have the life that I’ve been dreaming of since ages, but the day will come, hopefully, for sure. The thing is, I understand that there are two types of people in this world.

  1. The kind where he/she is constantly blessed with good luck.
  2. The kind where he/she is constantly blessed not with good luck.

I would like to lead your attention to the later. Before I was dragged on the steps of maturation, I always think that God is unfair, because I am practically surrounded by people who are blessed with good luck. But then, as I age, my mind start to shift to the extend that I can now find the concrete reasonings to my pathetic complains.

For those who think that they are from the kind of the later, welcome to my world. But hey, this is what I understand. A person may had all the blessings from God to do things in her life with ease, but you have to go through all the hardship to achieve the same success achieved by your lucky friend. Unfair isn’t it? NOT.

To come and think of it, you yourself is, in a very twisted way, more blessed that she is, because dear God had blessed you with the opportunity to see how hardship will be like in life. God had blessed you, and guide you to go through hardship ya know? Doesn’t that considered lucky that you had at least survived that hardship? You are better because of the experience you had in order to get what you want. And as many say it, Life is so much better with hardship anyways. It makes you stronger. But anyway, I am not a blessing-o-meter, so don’t blame me for preaching shit. This is just how I see it, so it definitely does not mean, your life’s outlook had to be exactly like mine.

Man, since when am I interested with other people’s quotes? Anyhoo, I always try to take my life as it is, determined to actually see clearly why God had put me into such a position and try not to complain about it. Never complain, that’s what I told myself. So always take up the positivity, alright, loves? As crazy as it sounds, the harder you try to extract the positivity in the negativity, you are one superhero in real life. You’ll be stronger in and out.

It is in my religion that if somebody gives you something, never say no. It is called rezeki ya know, and that is a good thing. But rezeki definitely does not include free sex, free drugs, free access to the nightclubs and all that. Just the good things approved by God that is, but I bet y’all ready know that.

So a few days back, my girl Qila invited me for a lasagna lunch at her house, and btw, she made the awesome-est lasagna ever. And of course I just had to try and reschedule everything in my life so that I can squeeze time and see her, and eat her lasagna and be fat after that. So that’s what I did.

Tell me who is not tempted with this baby? Such a beauty.

So after some 4 helpings of the lasagna and twice helpings of the marvelous chocolate cake, I officially felt fat. But heck, I am kinda fat so um yeah?

I guess it is normal for you to be in that kind of unflattering position, considering that you helped yourself to consume food like there’s no tomorrow, .M.

I remembered my pal Yen said during my senior year in high school, If life gives you lemons, throw back the lemons and say ‘I don’t want your fucking lemons!’ or something like that. Apologizes.

Anyway, so Qila was kind enough to give me these babies and naturally, I am soo over the moon! Qila once gave me her old rustic handbag the same day she purchased her new  Charles&Keith handbag and so I guess the element of giving is in her nature. I can’t say no to shoes, ya know?


Okay, I love shoes.

There I’ve said it.

Let’s wish that my already big feet will not get bigger okays.


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