my random musings, now in words.


When you decide to do things rather randomly, you know your mind got issues.

Or was it called kerinduan?

I understand that I can be a pathetic friend sometimes, but when I am well on my way to come back to my senses, I’ll start by texting my long-lost pals. So two days back, after an exhaustive week of rehearsals, I texted my gal pal TashTash, just to get my mind out of things. I complained about the stupidity of my own and how bad my CGPA was and all the shizz, and she was like comforting me and what not, telling me that it’s not my fault but the bloody Uni itself. So then, she was like, ‘If you missed me so much, come and sleepover at my house la, before I move somewhere else’.

The awkward yours truly in black and TashTash in pink.

So I was like  ‘Can I sleepover tomorrow?’  Man I am random. But eventually she was fine with that, and we spend the next 24 hours (give or take) together, doing absolutely nothing but having the normal breakfast/lunch/dinner together.  Just talked and talked. (and she whined as she made a big deal out of the things like : You are 2wenty next year and you are still boyfriend-less?!) And she insisted for a movie, but I was not into movies at the moment (although our weekend homework given by the director is to watch a movie and observe the actor’s depth.)

Anyway, we browsed through the shops in Midvalley, the day we first met, after I spend my boring minutes sipping hot chocolate at The Coffee Bean&Tea Leaf waiting for her arrival, and decided to get into MNG to join in the hype. Man, ladies are crazy for sales, aren’t they? I am the type who prefers to shop in peace, so I always took the chance to go to a mall as early as I can, so nobody’s presence can bug me. But in our case, everyone was stuffed inside the already messy MNG store. I do not even know where to start looking.

After all, MNG is not my thing, ya know. Oh okay, I’m supposed to rephrase that.

I happened to not find anything that I fancy at MNG yesterday.

TashTash settled on a navy blue top, which yours truly chose for her over the boring grey version and the old-ish deep purple version, and we went back after supper tiredly. The next afternoon, we went for lunch in Ampang Point, where we were gobsmacked with their Christmas deco, which in a nice way, I could put into words: IMMATURE?

Ok so here’s a shot from my man Shafiqueva of Midvalley’s Xmas deco, which is awesome.

They have that Harry Potter-ish influence, from the way I see it. Epic I’d say.

Haha, but its a different story in Ampang Point. They only have blue and white balloons tied together to look like a Christmas tree. Sort of. Then, naturally, after a cheesy lunch, I craved for dessert. So we went to The Apartment at The Curve, even though it started to rain. Oh TashTash, the things you did for me, thank you so much.

TashTash was like;

‘Naseb baik kau kurus, kalau kau gemuk, dah lama aku tolak kau dari kereta. Makan ja kerja!’

‘Thank God you are skinny. I’ll probably push you out of my car if you’re a fat ass, asking for food constantly!’


So we had Eton Mess at The Apartment.

It was dreamy. And heavenly. It’s pure bliss I tell you, after patiently waiting for it to arrive at our table. A combination of meringue pieces, strawberries, vanilla ice-cream and strawberry puree.

(Although the real thing does not look as good as it is in the picture.)

Then TashTash had to break the moment and said ‘Next time I’ll request for an extra scoop. It’ll definitely taste better’.

I think so too.

Sigh, I guess my ehem Detox diet is not working so well. I turned to those niffy cookies of mine for extra boost after those tiring rehearsal hours. And craved for fries constantly. And skipped breakfast. I can’t believe it’ll be this hard, now that I am juggling a few things at one time. I am officially at home now, and The Mother is off to China, and one of the many purpose of me coming home is that I am worried to death if The Mother got the first look of my result slip. And to make matters worse, the result slip hadn’t arrive still. I thought it’ll arrive within this week! Damn. I’m off to my friend Qila’s house for lunch tomorrow. She and her mum make the awesome-est lasagna I ever put in my big mouth. Can’t wait.


One comment on “Automatic?

  1. armie
    December 20, 2009

    alohh u x rindu kt i ke .M.
    uhuk..sedey la ceni..

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