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Keep it within The Family, ya digg?

Man, I love weekends at the other house. A nice change really. The Mother’s been feeding us every hour. Or more like, the all of us are constantly eating due to the massive amount of breakfast food/lunch food that she prepared. Right. Right now, she is still cooking.

Oh there we go. The Sister’s crying (again) because The Brother’s pissing her off by singing. Annoying kids I tell you.

So I am here typing this, at our dinning table, with one of The Cousins, eating. I love The Cousins. They are the only three people who I am close with (OKAYZZ more like I’m closer to the first-born, but ya know what I mean.) I wished I could be closer to my paternal cousins, but they are all over the place. Them, (my beloved maternal cousins) live nearby, so that fact is awesome to begin with.

Meet Cousin A. Oh hello there awkward person on the left.

Mind the shitty picture loves.


I don’t usually write/blog writing if  I am not inspired by life/the telly/etc, but because I’ve watched too much telly during this shot break that I am in, and I am out of great books to read to kill time, therefore, there’s nothing left to do but randomly blogging, with an empty head, and a much emptier idea hole.


So my gums are killing me really. Man, I’ve practice dental hygiene since Imma kid, but why must it annoy me this weekend? I can’t put it into words really. It is just too painful. I remembered a few years back, when my wisdom tooth start to make its rather grand appearance to my other teeth community, I BARELY COULD PLACE A TINY MORSEL OF SOLID FOOD IN MY MOUTH. so I had to have peanut butter instead. For breakfast. For dinner. For lunch. For in-between meals. I swear to God, I will never place even the tiniest bit of peanut butter ever again. I am so sick of it already.

Speaking of food, I am now, (or more like, I have now decided that) I am in a Detox diet, ala the .M. And I am not kidding about this either. For this past three months I’ve been shoving food in my mouth like there’s no tomorrow, I guess there is a vital need for me to at least start thinking and concerning about my health, and later put it into action.

Here’s the immature list that I’ve come out with:

  • No Sweets/Desserts/and anything sugar-based.
  • No more butter in a meal. No more fried food. –I seriously think that my arteries starts to clog with trans fat ya know. I am a sucker for butter. I put it in everything. So um, no more butter, I guess.
  • No beef. –Because it will worsen the condition of my gums, and it is not that good either, right?
  • No instant noodles– I just had to do this. I need to curb my addiction gobbling up noodles at the middle of the night. Not good.
  • No coffee. Ever. -A sad beginning to start with. Goodbye coffee. See you in a couple of years.

Can’t wait for rehearsals to start. I am just to bored doing the same thing everyday. I hate living in a rut.

Toodles for now.

I hate random postings. Lack of love and integrity when I write are the things that I am not raised to do. I sound boring, no? Not that I am a fun and awwwwwesome person to begin with, but I guess if I really put my thought into the things I did, it obviously won’t turn out to be boring-er than the person that I already am.


One comment on “Keep it within The Family, ya digg?

  1. Fluorescent Lamp :
    October 31, 2010

    breakfast foods should always be high in carbohydrates to provide the energy you need in the mornign *

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