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10 FASHION RANDOMS: WEEK5, a continuation

With God’s will, I present you the last few bits of Fash Randoms:

Seriously, I had some bad issues with my sick laptop.Hmph.

Anyways, read on loves. I know you want to.

This is a scan from a magazine, which shows how this pair above, Kate Moss and her boyfriend Jamie Hince of The Kills dressed up rather similarly. I laughed my head off to the picture of the short shorts. Apart from the ehem i’m-tryna-be-a-real-pop-chick-who-reveals-what-my-momma-gave-me Miley Cyrus, must Jamie really have to wear those? Common man! I’ll be embarrassed if I am Kate Moss, which I’m not, oh well.

~Courtesy from Elle Decor~

These are some snapshots of Anna Sui’s crib. Black and White never looked so funky. With her art deco-ish, eccentric furniture really lives up to the person itself, Anna. AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT WAX PEACOCK.or was it real?

Do you know the phrase, ‘Less is More’? Well I guess that phrase does not apply on Anna. Just look at everything in her pad, there are just too many stuff to swoon over. ESPECIALLY THAT WAX PEACOCK! And oh my, would ya look at the toilet sink! SOOO SEXY. (obvz swooning.)



So this wraps up this week’s Fashion Randoms.

Just got back from having breakfast with The Bestfriend early today, and now The Mother is busy preparing a new marinade recipe for ribs for this weekend’s BBQ at the other house.


Tomorrow, The Cousins and I, (oh yeah, and The Sister) will go watch New Moon. A second shot for me though. I’m not crazy for it, especially those slow-motion actions scenes which dozes me off, but nevertheless, some Jacob will do good for me.

So till then loves, let your mind to love fashion.


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