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Seriously? Week F I V E?

I have God to thank for the constant inspirations.

Okay okay, read on loves: My fifth post of Fashion Randoms. Enjoyyyy.

Found this ah-mazing editorial shot of Michelle Williams by the talented newbie (or rather, a new discovering of mine) Derek Blanks. He took awesome pictures of his celebrity clients, including this one, which is a particular favorite of mine. I love Michelle’s alter egos, especially the one in purple, the 3rd from the left. Cute cute. I want that dress.

So recently, the pair  Brangelina had collaborated with the high-end jewelry brand Asprey, and came up with the above. This collection is named: The Protector, and all I can say is; CAN I HAVE THE NECKLACE? WHY ARE THESE SO BEAUTIFUL?! I always have a thing with snakes. They are sexy, and dangerous (of course), but it’s not like I myself posses these characters. Anyhoo, whoever by these (though the fabulous silver spoon top right cost $500+) it’ll benefit Angie’s Education Partnership for Children of Conflict programme.

Oh I would love to have this please?

Magnificent helmet by Chanel.

It includes a place to put your I-pod somewhere inside it, and the surface is full of shiny pearls and other gems I cannot name of. Although I am not completely thrilled with the mink lining, I suppose it’ll be an awesome purchase to invest on. You’ll get the whole world’s attention by wearing this, if you really need attention that is, You big-head attention seeker.

Cool, innit?

So Tokyo see, one of Asia’s fashionable city, (or shall I say in my own words, a daring city of experimental fashion), held the annual Nail Expo. And these are some of the babes who showed off their nails for the expo. Though I am not the type of person how is big on nail polish adornment, I really love the color and the tiny art on the nails, top right. The pink and the shade of blue used compliments each other, I think. But it looks kinda freaky too, don’t you think?

I am just not into nail stuff, you see.  Like if i start having nail polish on my nails of my stubby fingers, it felt like my nails are not breathing or something.


So this year is a big year for many. Taylor Swift and her various awards nominations, Christian Lacroix won’t be in existence anymore, the death of Daul Kim, and also a big year for both Balmain and Alexander McQ. Who does not end up obsessing about the both of them?

So McQ’s inspiration for his SS runaway is obviously, the outer space, aliens and planets and all that.

Here’s a close-up of one of the many models, who was turned into an alien-like creation.

I can’t barely recognise her. Poor lady.The make-up’s a bit cakey, no?

And the whole world is well-informed of the existence of  McQ’s Armadillo shoes (12 inch high?), but I guess this is really more of my liking. Saw this at Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance, and I fell in love immediately.

The heel is high? LOVE IT.

GOD, how haunting is she?

This is Snejana Onopoka for Korean Numero. I love her jaw line. And those eyes! Haunting, innit?


Here’s a shot of Lily Allen performing at the Brixton Academy in London, and would you look at her hair!

A new age Cruella De Vil?

The trend of multi-colouring the hair is booming, as I see it. Just last month, Ashley Olsen was spotted having her hair with blue and green streaks, maybe inspired by the hair in Proenza Schouler?

Can this trend just stick for Halloween ONLY? Please?

It must be awesome being a celebrity, no? It seems like everyone wants to dress you. A win-win situation really. You got the clothes, the brand got recognition. A good marketing skill, right? Here’s a candid shot of Frieda Pinto and her boyfriend from Slumdog Millionaire, trying some shoes at Rupert Sanderson‘s flagship store in London. Man, I love shoes.

So um yeah, you might notice that this post in technically not a TEN fashion Randoms post, merely because my photo downloader is sick, so it cant upload the pics that I had edited beforehand. Will fix it definitely. As soon as I can, I promise.

Till then, let your mind to love fashion!



2 comments on “10 FASHION RANDOMS: WEEK5

  1. RF Modulator :
    October 30, 2010

    acrylic nail polish are the best stuff that you can use when polishing your nails.*;

  2. Activated Carbon Filter
    December 3, 2010

    the nose of michelle williams is so adorable, i would really love to have a nose like that `’-

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